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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Our Glorious Days: A Glorious Goodbye with our story attached.

Let it be known. I am listening to Death Cab For Cutie as I begin this farewell. Pandora, what else can I say? My new love affair, honestly. I wonder what song will play next? Hmmm, I'll let you know. =) I've never heard this song before, Death Cab's (why is that their name?) I Will Follow You Into The Dark song, the one I'm listening to right now-- actually is quite fitting, in a Death Cab kind of way- to what I have to share with you today.

It's been a nice long road of words. Words, ah- my favorite things. =) 

(Ron Pope on the Pandora now.) 

Tonight, listening to Randy Garris speak of Living Life together (yes you should listen) and the beauty of mentorship without even trying-- made my heart swell big and my eyes well with tears until I could no longer hold them in and I began to cry and cry. 

I've had so many beautiful, wonderful, lovely, different, gracious mentors. 

You. Let it be known -- you have changed my life. 


And I don't just say that. You have. 

Through cups of hot coffee, keys on the keyboard, ticks on the text. Through hours of study together, last minute get togethers, sharing tears, or just an ear. You have changed me. 

You have kicked my booty many times. Those truths were hard to hear at times.  Oh, yes. And you've been wrong before- surely, I've been wrong more. 

It all started with a slice of apple pie. When they invited two young kids over for pie and play. They had two kids and we had one. Daniel and I fought every night, sometimes violently. You would never know it by looking at us. It was our secret. 

They only asked us for pie. 

And then, a play date at McDonalds. 

The rest -- history. 

I don't remember what else we did. I don't remember how Jesus in them, changed us. I don't remember exactly when the fighting stopped and when the love began but I do know this- if it had not been for them, loving us- we would not be here. And all they did was invite us to be next to them, in life. They shared a piece of pie with us, we talked about kids and boogers, I'm sure. And the rest is history.

And because of them loving us-- Well, that man of mine? We're so in love.

Then, there's you. Yes, you! And your story of love in our life. There's Mr. Carl Mrs. Judy's basement. There's Landis and his crazy Jesus freak ways spilling over. There's Ginny and all of our giggles, there's Judi and her loveliness. There's Ryan and his iron, sharpening my hubby. Marvin and Darie with their dreams and steadfastness, There's my first ever Chelsea friend, Tiffany and her family serving ways. There's Jenny and Rex and their master suite after only knowing each other for six weeks. =) There's Saundra and her sweet spirit every day at work. Oh, my the list goes on and on... you have all changed us. 

(Oh! Ed Sheeran on the Pandora. My FAV!)

There's Ting who showed us the world and each foster kiddo who shapes us into a new person, over and over again. 

There was never a bible study with any of you, oh but we always shared something from God's word. Most of us never attended church together- but we were the church together. Many of you have seen us at our worst and you loved so sweetly. Sometimes, you loved us back to life. 

When we started Our Glorious Days, we never ever dreamed it would be read around the world? That people from other states would send emails and new friendships would form through simply words? (very broken words at that) It was just intended to keep my mother in law in the loop of life in Missouri. =)  Really? Can so much come from such a little thing? OGD and it's sweetness has been dear to my little heart and I will cherish it's stories-- our stories, for a lifetime. But it's not us anymore. We've changed. And it feels like it's time to say farewell from here and start a new journey with words.

Together, with you- we tiptoed closer and closer to that Jesus of ours. Living, loving, and growing. 

Did we even know it? 


This is the answer to life. It's true. 

We must be with people. 

We must love, no matter the cost. 

We must seek justice, mercy, and show grace. 

We must change, grow, and thrive. 

We must live a life that is always broken- because we are so broken. 

We must open our hearts, lives, and be transparent in that brokenness. Only then, can we truly live.

This. Is our story. (video below is not pure in content, it's full of mess-- listen with caution to our messy lives and God's redemption?) Once upon a time. It's not that story any more. If someone asked us to share our story now, it would be a different one. 

But this one, THIS is the one you helped make new. All of you. You helped two broken kids become whole again, through grace. 

And it was messy, hard, and a challenge. 

But we thank you. 

(caution, it's a little vivid)

Love the journey you're on,


Monday, March 25, 2013

When Grace Is Absent: a little story of being kicked out of church

It seems like a lot longer than three years. Since the last time I saw him cry.

Daniel, that man of mine, he's not really a tear kind of guy. Three times only that I can remember in our almost 12 years of marriage. This day was number three. 

Home early, midday. A car full of books, papers, plans, and dreams-- ready to be packed away for safe keeping. 

Those things, still packed away. 

It's a sad day. The day they say to you, go away and never come back. Don't say goodbye, don't finish the conversations you were having with so many people, just sign here.

"We are offering to pay a 60 day severance to be paid in normal payment cycles, providing you agree to the following terms.

A. Attendance to this church is forbidden
B. Any and all means to malign the church or its leaders by you or your spouse, Kathlean Gibson, will terminate the severance agreement immediately. This includes all forms of internet use, chat rooms, Facebook, texting, etc. Any behavior that is viewed as defamation will be reviewed and decided by the Elders of this Church. 
C. Contact with he youth of this church with the intent of defamation will also terminate the agreement. 

Additionally, if all terms are met, a letter of reference by the Senior Pastor will be provided. 

Sign Here"

Have your stuff out within 24 hours. Don't take it personally, they said-- it's just business"

He sat there. Just crying.

"They asked me not to contact anyone until after Sunday. I'm not allowed to talk about it until they tell the congregation." He explained, "They canceled all the service projects scheduled for this weeks spring break, not giving a reason to anyone--I can't even give people a reason." 

"What was their reason", I asked. 

"We're not relational enough." 
"I don't agree with the vision of the church."

No warning, just get out.

What in the world do you do friends when you've been told to go away and never come back? 

What do you say when your nine year old,  who eats, sleeps, and breathes church-- says, "Can't go back to church? But anyone can go to church- no matter what."

I'll tell you what you do, you die. 

When the church, the body of Christ, Christ's Bride, the place where grace is abounding, becomes a business- when they turn their face to you and say go away, you die. 

you die a slow and painful, lonely death.

We're still dying. We're different now. 

It has changed us. Oh, we love. We serve. And we worship the One True God. But we don't give our heart away. We don't talk about much with you anymore. We don't really discuss much about what God is teaching us. And when you are sitting next to us in church, we're wondering-- who are they really and when are they going to hurt us? Daniel? He's not going to open up to you, that's for sure. You can tell me how wrong all of that is-- I already know. But for now, for some reason, it's just something we cannot shake. We pray for people to come into our lives and aid the healing. We're waiting, leaning on Jesus, and hoping for a day when all of that is gone.

And you see, when there is a pain like this-- people don't mention it. It's like a secret they don't want to bring up. Like having a child pass or a spouse leave you. Doesn't anyone realize maybe you just need to hear, "Hey, how are your wounds and what can I do to help? Let me sit here with you in the ash of the painful wounds, let's heal together." 

The hurt, it does bring hope. Being ripped away from the gathering of believers, being told to go and never return--the pain it has caused, there is hope in it. 

There should be pain. 

In scripture we see a loving, jealous, and just God. Then, we are introduced to a radical, loving, and just Jesus. A Jesus who loved prostitutes and sinners. A Jesus who always told off the Pharisees, A Jesus who said, keep nothing, and give it all. A Jesus who taught us how to offer a kiss to the person planning to turn against us and ultimately lead to our unfair trial and death. 

When the church, or anyone who follows Jesus, has operated outside of this Jesus way. It hurts. But when your heart longs to be loved the way Jesus loves, unconditionally. There is hope. 

I listen to a lot of sermons online. There is something special about having a friends voice fill your home with words the Lord has laid on their heart. Many people who have discipled me in the past or friends who are pastors stream their video or audio online weekly. Last night I listened on the edge of my seat as Randy Gariss of College Heights in Joplin shared a sermon that will forever change my life. A sermon that has challenged me, as a person who has been so badly hurt-- to never give up the good fight. I encourage you to listen intently to this message and be changed. May your heart be slowly healed in the Fathers time, however long it may take and may bitterness have no place in your heart. 

May you realize the truth: When the church, or anyone who follows Jesus, has operated outside of this Jesus way. It hurts. But when your heart longs to be loved the way Jesus loves, unconditionally. There is hope. 

May you or I never be that person causing the pain. May we be life givers and deliverers of hope.

Randy Gariss -- Finding Your Sweet Spot --oh, the sweetness of this message, friends!

Where there is love, there is life.Gandhi

Where there is love, there is God. God is love.- Mother Teresa

We know what real love is because Jesus gave up his life for us. So we also ought to give up our lives for our brothers and sisters. 1 John 3:16

Healing alongside you,

Friday, January 4, 2013

Outside of that crazy thing called love, there is no God? how He is crazy in love with you! {Amazing YOU}

Some people are just good, maybe. 

Others, are lots of things. 

I am of the latter. 

What? Surprised? I know, I know... not so much of a surprise, huh? 

Truth is, it's the truth. 

I'm a mess.

I think, however, I am finding-- being a mess is the new "in" as far as Christian culture goes. The days of looking like the cookie cutter perfect Christian are going by the wayside and the "I'm not perfect, I'm flawed and I need Jesus look is in." 

And I wear it well. 

I am very flawed and crazy in need of Jesus. 

The trouble with being this new kind of "cool" is: We're all here.  I'm here, you're here, she's here, he's there, some of them are there, our parents are here, and even some of our grandparents. Problem is, being cool is harder than you think. 

Track with me here. 

I wonder if being "messed up and in need of grace" is really as cool as we think. 

Take myself for example: Let us expose my "coolness" - shall we?

I don't like crosses. I don't have them in my house, I don't wear them as jewelry, or apparel. I don't say, "God Bless America", and I don't pledge my allegiance to a flag. I like secular and christian music both, I love to dance like crazy with music loud and crazy kids. I drink the occasional glass of wine, sometimes a swear word comes out in adult conversation, and I often justify my haughtiness towards people who look down on the poor. Sometimes, the bible totally confuses me-- even makes me question, religious people make me super sad, I don't know where I totally stand on abortion or gay rights, I struggle with feeling worthy or of worth. If you eat processed foods often, I have to remind myself, it's OK. My children don't watch Disney channels or follow any of the recent "Bieber" type fads... sometimes (OK, always) I wonder why other children do.  Why do I do that when it's none of my business? *sigh* 

I digress. 

I don't wear or own crosses because I don't feel it is something Jesus would want me to make a fashion statement or "bling out" I think he would rather I smile, show love, talk with someone, help someone, rather than wear an item of fashion. (I know you do all those and wear crosses) I also realize it is a big step for some to wear a cross. It's OK, It's just me. I don't judge your crosses. 

I don't say "God Bless America" I'd rather say, "God Bless Everyone" It's just me. 

Come on, I don't listen to hard core rap or anything icky. But I love me a little Maroon 5 Moves Like Jagger (but we can't watch their videos), or Train from time to time. Along with various folk songs. 

Hold it, hold it, I like wine occasionally-- I didn't say I get drunk. And when in paid ministry, daily attending to the needs and mentorship of teenagers and parents, wine was not even a thought. You can't tell teenagers not to be drinking if you are, no matter how rare it is. 

I don't know where I stand on abortion or gay rights because I think everyone has free will- we can't force non-Christians to follow the ways of Jesus and we can't pretend to walk in other peoples shoes.  Now, government funding? I know where I stand on that, not a fan. 

There are days when I justify all of these and there are days when some of these make me fall to my knees. And this is just to name a few.  There are days when I wish I could just wear by best dress to church on Sunday morning, sing some songs, listen to some talking, go home feeling all christian and be happy- be safe.

Honestly, there are days when following Jesus is hard and confusing. Things I use to think were important aren't anymore. Things I use to think we're "Biblical" maybe never were, and always I'm starting back at square one. 

On my knees. Literally. Asking, begging, pleading with God.

"O to grace how great a debtor daily I'm constrained to be!
Let thy goodness like a fetter, bind my wandering heart to thee
Prone to wander Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love
Here's my heart, O take and seal it, seal it for thy courts above"

One thing never changes.

I am absolutely in love with our savior.

How do we serve a non-changing but totally supernatural GOD of the universe? How do we just love. Love unconditionally. How do we condemn people for things of today when people of 100 years ago would have condemned us for what we Christians now do and allow in our homes today? How do we confront sin in a brother instead of talking to another brother about it? How do we forgive those hard to forgive people? Better yet, how do we forgive ourselves?

Do you see what I mean? Where is that church dress, fancy music, and sermon? Buffet afterwards? I need to just feel "safe" and quit thinking!  Maybe this "cool" messed up club isn't very fun.


How do we protect ourselves from the enemies lies of worthlessness? After all, he is always out to destroy us. He is always reminding us of all our wrongs. To have it his way: we would be his next reckless, Adam Lanza. He wants to get inside of us and destroy our minds, our relationships, our everything. He wants our yuckiness to spill over and infect all those close to us.

He wants to steal our gift. 

Our gift of grace. He wants us to think we are not worthy of such a gift. As though he would understand worthy. HA!

He whispers little lies like, "Oh, it's not that bad... is it?" OR "Remember what you did? God wouldn't choose someone like you." He is the king of justifying our sinful, selfish nature and then reminding us of it.  Because he wants to devour us.

He's out to steal our worth.

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8NIV

 Looking for me. Looking for you. 

Sometimes he makes us feel like we are better than others. But how can that be when Jesus loves us all the same? Sometimes he makes us feel more holy because we "do" more. Or he makes us feel worthless because we just don't do enough. 

Sometimes, he simply tricks us into staying so busy-- trying to be perfect, that we don't make time for being broken.


Lean near and let me whisper something sweet into your ear, friend. God is so in love with you. Broken, messy, wonderful, you!

And he is bigger than everything you could ever imagine. He is bigger than any storm, he is bigger than any lie of worthlessness or self righteous. He is bigger than any hurt and can heal any wound. He is bigger than politics, secular music, and processed foods.

You will never figure him out, you will never know all the answers. you will never display him-- outside of love, correctly.

Outside of love, there is no God.

 "Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love." 1 John 4:8

He designed love.

"This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us."
John 3:16
He didn't come and rule with a strong hand, he came to die. 

A friend of mine recently said, "My way of seeing the world continually shifts. But through it all, the beauty of Jesus who sacrificed his life for the Kingdom of God compels me. His vision of a new humanity caused him to not only die for a cause, but to die for a cause when he could have killed to force his vision upon the world. "

He reminds us of it's attributes. 
"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails." 1 Corinthians 13: 4-6

Love is the only absolute when it comes to understanding the complexity, the diversity, the absolute magnificence of the one true God. 
“For my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord.
“As the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." Isaiah 55 8-9

The drunk, He loves.

The gossip, He loves.

The preacher, He loves.

Me, He loves.

You, He loves.

That, and that alone is our secret weapon.

May His love silence out the roaring lion in your life and may you feel like the treasure you are. 

May you feel His love today and always, friends. And may that love cause you to be radical, different, and outstanding, you!

Simply because you are loved. 

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Six Questions That Might Just Change a Life

Perhaps time isn’t the enemy – maybe it’s how we use it.

In a world of spinning to do lists, places to go, things to plan, and people to love — how do we remember the most important person of all...

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

for my love. REMEMBER? {a little story about you and me}

remember when i first met you?

it was raining and you didn't want to get your new shoes dirty.

i walked you down that hill to those trailer looking school rooms to collect the attendance.

i kind of liked you.

remember our first date? The one where you said, "i think i kind of like you" and i said, "i think i kind of like you, too."

remember that summer?

remember how i would sneak over to your house bringing you toaster strudels and you would hide the generic pop tarts from your mom so she would think you had eaten them?

remember all the countless movies?

remember all the basketball?

remember all the drama?

remember country grammer?

remember how much my mom hated you because you parked in her grass?

remember how everyone hated us being together?

remember when i kissed that other boy?

yeah, that was bad.

remember when i first said, "i love you"?

yeah, that's embarrassing.

remember when it all went crazy and we saw each other every day without sharing a single word?

remember how you spent your days at play while I prepared for a baby?

remember what it was like when you first held her?

remember how we decided to get married?

do we seriously remember any of that now?

remember how your grandma gave us $500 and we thought we had won the lottery?

remember the big FAT tv we bought with that money?

yeah, that was before flat screens. we thought we were real cool, didn't we?

remember when we both got "real jobs"?

remember how bad we always fought?

remember how i would totally beat you up?

that's hilarious. {hey, watch 'yo self!}

remember when we thought it was all a crazy mistake?

remember when we entered the doors and made those friends?

remember how that changed our lives?

remember how that Jesus rocked our world?

remember when we got into that big fight in the church parking lot and you got out of the car and walked home?

yeah, that was totally funny too-- we lived pretty far away.

remember how many times we fell -- trying to learn how to walk this whole jesus road with new legs?

remember when our love was finally for real? when we really felt it?

remember when we bought our first home and thought we'd live there forever?

remember when we bought all those other ones thinking the same thing?

remember all.the.times.we.moved?

remember all those kids we had?

remember how crazy we are about them?

remember when we decided to walk their roads with them, schooling them and training them, each and every day?

remember the time we danced and danced and danced--living our cinderella story?

remember the first hitch hiker i picked up? 

remember how mad it made you? {ok, that's still super funny}

remember when you worked for a church?

remember how that broke our hearts?

remember how, once again, we walked that road-- that crazy winding, long, hard road with those new legs?

remember how nothing ever makes sense but it all makes perfect sense?

remember how we agree on everything? 


remember when we thought we'd move to my hometown?

remember how totally crazy and hard that was?

remember how we sort of liked it after all?

remember how we like the kids in bed by 8:30 so we can sit and chat?

remember when we were 20 and we decided to make ourselves like coffee, starting with decaf?

we're so big now.

remember how we are happy with little or happy with much?

yeah, we've had some cool lessons.

remember when i cheated at stratego all those times and you still beat me?

remember all the prayers we prayed to live a crazy life-- poor in africa, teaching in taiwan, hippies in new england, watching wildlife in montana, little apartment in new york--living life in a coffee shop, a house full of orphans, farming in tennessee, with friends in so many towns, working in so many churches?

remember how god said, not yet- not now, not that, not there--

remember how once again, we walked that road-- that sad lonely, loooong road with those new legs?

remember how we talk?

i mean how we really talk. how you know me, how I know you.

remember how our bodies are a bit more ache now that we're getting older?

remember how we have cocoa on christmas morning and the gifts are just not a big deal?

remember how many blessings that jesus gives?

remember how he tells us to give it all away?

remember how we talk about chickens, kids, old people, love, family, life?

remember how we LIVE?

remember how we do it all together?

remember how it's all totally crazy and unexplainable, this thing called us?

i kind of like that.


take time today, friends?

i'm sure you have some 'remembers' =)