Friday, May 22, 2009

To All These Special People.

It is not very often, at all that I address the topic of being a homeschooling mother. I mean, yes, I do talk all about our days and sometimes may even tag them with a "homeschooling" tag but that is not, in my opinion, discussing the act of homeschooling.

Today, this week, and always, I love my days. Not because I am anything special, but because I am so blessed by this roll of wife and mother that God has chosen to give me.

I thought I would take a small amount of time to record my thoughts so one day my children can read back and know how much their momma loved each and every aspect of our days together.

To my little chicks,
I love you. I love watching you, teaching you, learning with you, exploring God's wonders with you each day. I love watching you laugh, and wiping your sweet tears. I love to embrace discipline each moment necessary with every ounce of joy I can muster up to better prepare you to be children obedient to your one true Father, God.

I love to watch you play so sweetly without being told, I love to catch you reading to one another. I love to go looking for you only to find you under a tree with two little chicks, reading. You bring me joy when I walk into a room and you have done something I never asked you to do. I love it when you think of ways to love your daddy and I so sweetly. I love it when we turn the music up loud and dance until the house shakes and I love it when we are resting quietly with sweet music creating sweet memories.

I love it that I am the one to answer all of your wonders of each day.

My Sweet Alli (8), My Happy Jordan (5) and My Crazy Judah (2)... you are such blessings to my days.

To My God, My Adoni, My Source of Strength,
Thank you for the opportunity to live out each day to the fullest. Thank you so much for your outpouring of love. Thank you for the courage to rest in your comfort. Thank you for allowing me to trust in you. Thank you for teaching me love, joy and patience in abundance. You alone are good, I am not.

To My Little Sweetie, I Have Yet To Meet,
Oh, how I love to feel your sweet little pitter patters each day. In the mist of a busy day, to feel your little bump is an unexplainable blessing to me. To know that God has woven you together, perfect in any way he chooses, brings me such peace. To know that he calls you by name, even now, brings me such joy. My sweet little chick, I cannot wait to see what a wonder he has done!

To My Man, Whom I Love So Very Much,
Thank you for who you are, for what you stand for, and for how you love me.

To all of these special people who make up my family, I love and cherish you so very much.

Thank you.

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