Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Our Glorious Days: A Glorious Goodbye with our story attached.

Let it be known. I am listening to Death Cab For Cutie as I begin this farewell. Pandora, what else can I say? My new love affair, honestly. I wonder what song will play next? Hmmm, I'll let you know. =) I've never heard this song before, Death Cab's (why is that their name?) I Will Follow You Into The Dark song, the one I'm listening to right now-- actually is quite fitting, in a Death Cab kind of way- to what I have to share with you today.

It's been a nice long road of words. Words, ah- my favorite things. =) 

(Ron Pope on the Pandora now.) 

Tonight, listening to Randy Garris speak of Living Life together (yes you should listen) and the beauty of mentorship without even trying-- made my heart swell big and my eyes well with tears until I could no longer hold them in and I began to cry and cry. 

I've had so many beautiful, wonderful, lovely, different, gracious mentors. 

You. Let it be known -- you have changed my life. 


And I don't just say that. You have. 

Through cups of hot coffee, keys on the keyboard, ticks on the text. Through hours of study together, last minute get togethers, sharing tears, or just an ear. You have changed me. 

You have kicked my booty many times. Those truths were hard to hear at times.  Oh, yes. And you've been wrong before- surely, I've been wrong more. 

It all started with a slice of apple pie. When they invited two young kids over for pie and play. They had two kids and we had one. Daniel and I fought every night, sometimes violently. You would never know it by looking at us. It was our secret. 

They only asked us for pie. 

And then, a play date at McDonalds. 

The rest -- history. 

I don't remember what else we did. I don't remember how Jesus in them, changed us. I don't remember exactly when the fighting stopped and when the love began but I do know this- if it had not been for them, loving us- we would not be here. And all they did was invite us to be next to them, in life. They shared a piece of pie with us, we talked about kids and boogers, I'm sure. And the rest is history.

And because of them loving us-- Well, that man of mine? We're so in love.

Then, there's you. Yes, you! And your story of love in our life. There's Mr. Carl Mrs. Judy's basement. There's Landis and his crazy Jesus freak ways spilling over. There's Ginny and all of our giggles, there's Judi and her loveliness. There's Ryan and his iron, sharpening my hubby. Marvin and Darie with their dreams and steadfastness, There's my first ever Chelsea friend, Tiffany and her family serving ways. There's Jenny and Rex and their master suite after only knowing each other for six weeks. =) There's Saundra and her sweet spirit every day at work. Oh, my the list goes on and on... you have all changed us. 

(Oh! Ed Sheeran on the Pandora. My FAV!)

There's Ting who showed us the world and each foster kiddo who shapes us into a new person, over and over again. 

There was never a bible study with any of you, oh but we always shared something from God's word. Most of us never attended church together- but we were the church together. Many of you have seen us at our worst and you loved so sweetly. Sometimes, you loved us back to life. 

When we started Our Glorious Days, we never ever dreamed it would be read around the world? That people from other states would send emails and new friendships would form through simply words? (very broken words at that) It was just intended to keep my mother in law in the loop of life in Missouri. =)  Really? Can so much come from such a little thing? OGD and it's sweetness has been dear to my little heart and I will cherish it's stories-- our stories, for a lifetime. But it's not us anymore. We've changed. And it feels like it's time to say farewell from here and start a new journey with words.

Together, with you- we tiptoed closer and closer to that Jesus of ours. Living, loving, and growing. 

Did we even know it? 


This is the answer to life. It's true. 

We must be with people. 

We must love, no matter the cost. 

We must seek justice, mercy, and show grace. 

We must change, grow, and thrive. 

We must live a life that is always broken- because we are so broken. 

We must open our hearts, lives, and be transparent in that brokenness. Only then, can we truly live.

This. Is our story. (video below is not pure in content, it's full of mess-- listen with caution to our messy lives and God's redemption?) Once upon a time. It's not that story any more. If someone asked us to share our story now, it would be a different one. 

But this one, THIS is the one you helped make new. All of you. You helped two broken kids become whole again, through grace. 

And it was messy, hard, and a challenge. 

But we thank you. 

(caution, it's a little vivid)

Love the journey you're on,


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