Wednesday, December 5, 2012

for my love. REMEMBER? {a little story about you and me}

remember when i first met you?

it was raining and you didn't want to get your new shoes dirty.

i walked you down that hill to those trailer looking school rooms to collect the attendance.

i kind of liked you.

remember our first date? The one where you said, "i think i kind of like you" and i said, "i think i kind of like you, too."

remember that summer?

remember how i would sneak over to your house bringing you toaster strudels and you would hide the generic pop tarts from your mom so she would think you had eaten them?

remember all the countless movies?

remember all the basketball?

remember all the drama?

remember country grammer?

remember how much my mom hated you because you parked in her grass?

remember how everyone hated us being together?

remember when i kissed that other boy?

yeah, that was bad.

remember when i first said, "i love you"?

yeah, that's embarrassing.

remember when it all went crazy and we saw each other every day without sharing a single word?

remember how you spent your days at play while I prepared for a baby?

remember what it was like when you first held her?

remember how we decided to get married?

do we seriously remember any of that now?

remember how your grandma gave us $500 and we thought we had won the lottery?

remember the big FAT tv we bought with that money?

yeah, that was before flat screens. we thought we were real cool, didn't we?

remember when we both got "real jobs"?

remember how bad we always fought?

remember how i would totally beat you up?

that's hilarious. {hey, watch 'yo self!}

remember when we thought it was all a crazy mistake?

remember when we entered the doors and made those friends?

remember how that changed our lives?

remember how that Jesus rocked our world?

remember when we got into that big fight in the church parking lot and you got out of the car and walked home?

yeah, that was totally funny too-- we lived pretty far away.

remember how many times we fell -- trying to learn how to walk this whole jesus road with new legs?

remember when our love was finally for real? when we really felt it?

remember when we bought our first home and thought we'd live there forever?

remember when we bought all those other ones thinking the same thing?

remember all.the.times.we.moved?

remember all those kids we had?

remember how crazy we are about them?

remember when we decided to walk their roads with them, schooling them and training them, each and every day?

remember the time we danced and danced and danced--living our cinderella story?

remember the first hitch hiker i picked up? 

remember how mad it made you? {ok, that's still super funny}

remember when you worked for a church?

remember how that broke our hearts?

remember how, once again, we walked that road-- that crazy winding, long, hard road with those new legs?

remember how nothing ever makes sense but it all makes perfect sense?

remember how we agree on everything? 


remember when we thought we'd move to my hometown?

remember how totally crazy and hard that was?

remember how we sort of liked it after all?

remember how we like the kids in bed by 8:30 so we can sit and chat?

remember when we were 20 and we decided to make ourselves like coffee, starting with decaf?

we're so big now.

remember how we are happy with little or happy with much?

yeah, we've had some cool lessons.

remember when i cheated at stratego all those times and you still beat me?

remember all the prayers we prayed to live a crazy life-- poor in africa, teaching in taiwan, hippies in new england, watching wildlife in montana, little apartment in new york--living life in a coffee shop, a house full of orphans, farming in tennessee, with friends in so many towns, working in so many churches?

remember how god said, not yet- not now, not that, not there--

remember how once again, we walked that road-- that sad lonely, loooong road with those new legs?

remember how we talk?

i mean how we really talk. how you know me, how I know you.

remember how our bodies are a bit more ache now that we're getting older?

remember how we have cocoa on christmas morning and the gifts are just not a big deal?

remember how many blessings that jesus gives?

remember how he tells us to give it all away?

remember how we talk about chickens, kids, old people, love, family, life?

remember how we LIVE?

remember how we do it all together?

remember how it's all totally crazy and unexplainable, this thing called us?

i kind of like that.


take time today, friends?

i'm sure you have some 'remembers' =)