Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Top Ten Things...

...I love about this little town we now call home:

10. The Humor.
Every now and then something will happen that takes me back to the fact that this is where I grew up. You know, something like Jerry. Poor Jerry, I thought maybe I should call him and see if he could use a friend. But then I realized he does want a friend, so I shouldn't do that.

9. It's So Little and Simple.
I can run into town and hit the Post Office, the bank,  two grocery stores, pay a bill, and get gas all within one hour and under one gallon of gas. 

8. The Friendly Faces.
The same people are always working at those places, you can get to know them pretty well. 

7. The Kids Think I'm Famous.
It's because I run into people I know all the time. Like today, during that one hour of running errands, I talked with three people from High School and one Teacher. The kids think I live a double life or something.

6. The Little Old People.
The little old people are so sweet and cute. 

5. Mrs. Laura.
Mrs. Laura at the Library renews our books sweetly over the phone, without our library number, even though the library's only like 5 miles from our house. 

4. People Sit.
On a nice day, people sit outside on their porches, just enjoying the life. Not as much hustle and bustle around here.

3. Eleos and Family.
The fact that people actually call for Eleos and let us help them is amazing. Then, knowing that you are within 10 min from family or any of the Eleos Seniors if they need something... that is so great.

2. Grandma Wilson & My Mother In Law.
Daniel, the Kids, and I get to have breakfast with Daniel's sweet Grandma Wilson every Saturday morning. Then my Mother In Law lives right down the hill. So when I need anything, I send the kids through the woods to borrow it ; ) even if she's not home...

1. The Roosters.
There are roosters in the post office quite often. 

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  1. It blesses my heart to know just how special you make you, Daniel and your kiddos time spent with Aunt Mary and your amazing mother in law =) They are 2 of my most favorite people in the world!


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