Friday, February 5, 2010

"Just So You Know"

I was telling a friend the other day about how I am constantly giving my life chapter names. The chapter after child number four, sweet Emmyn, was born will be titled "Pizza and Movies."

Daniel had a lot going on right after she was born, full time Ministry, part time student and full time Assistant Coach, it was a lot. Church things three nights a week, Basketball practice each night with a game 1-3 nights a week then school twice a week and one night. It was a busy season. We ordered pizza and watched a lot of movies during that time. For those of you who know me, that is very unnatural for us. Therefore, it deserves a title. =)

But now, we are slowing down a bit and I welcome it with open arms.

It seems like my posts lately are just simple quotes or quick little snippets about things that have happened so I have decided to call this chapter of my life: "Write It Down, Or You'll Forget It".

You will remember the last post about working out... or the post before that about naked library boy... but here is the latest one from my Jordan.

Now, let us remember that Jordan is the SECOND girl. Yep, she has always been under the correction of her big sister Alli, who plays the part of "big sister/mom" 24/7. So, you must know (especially if you know our Jordan) that she is just chomping at the bit to have a little sister to "mother". Remember, Judah (number three) is a crazy boy... we all mother him ; )

It was her very first time to feed Emmyn with a bottle. We were sitting on the reading sofa in the school room; just Jordan, Emmyn and I. I was reading some books while Jordan was feeding her. She keeps telling Emmyn,

"Emmyn quit hitting the bottle, please." Emmyn, please just hold your blanket, quit hitting the bottle." I then tell her... "Jordan, you need to just adore her. Talk to her, teach her something sweet..."

She then says:

"Just so you know, Emmyn... that's a bottle, and you're hitting it."

I rest my case.

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