Saturday, June 7, 2008

She is What She Is.

This is what she looked like when she said...
..."mommy... how do you get a husband?"

Little Jordan. She is what she is... perfect.

She questions everything I tell her, she is not always quick to submit to authority, (kind of the same thing, I guess), she always pushes herself to the very edge, she will bug you to death, ask you a million questions a day, she is loud, and just not your typical middle child. She makes sure you don't leave her out. And I have decided that I am ok with that.

I have prayed and prayed that God would change her. Prayed that she would be quicker to obey, not question my authority so much, (yes it is more than the typical 4yo), prayed that God would make her not so clingy, prayed that she would like to do more things on her own, no longer are those my prayers. I have realized that it is only out of fear that I pray those things; I am afraid of what others might think. "What will they say..." Who cares! I would rather tame her for the rest of her childhood (which is the reason God gave me to her) rather than pray that God change something that can be so useful when she is older.

I love little Jordan. I love her sassy little attitude, I love her happy, joyful heart, I love to see her push her sweet little babies, I love to see her kiss her brother, I love it that she always wants to be by me, and I am learning to love the fact that she questions authority... she will not be a follower. (questioning without disrespect of course) She is always the first to come running when I turn the music up loud to dance for joy, she is the first smile I see each morning from our kids, she is the first to offer a lick from her ice cream :0)

My payer now is a prayer of power, not fear. I pray that God will use her to always stand for what is right when choices are presented to her. I pray that she will be a wife and mother that serves her family, loves them, laughs with them, dances with them, praises the Lord with them, and chooses joy each day. I pray that she will be a girl that loves God and others more than herself.

And until I see those fruits, I will continue to teach, train, rebuke, love, shelter, comfort, and rejoice in that sweet girl!

and as for this little guy...

He'll make a good daddy someday :0)

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