Sunday, June 8, 2008

Thanks God That it's My Hearts Desire... glorify you with my whole life.

Sometimes you just need a little reminder of why you do what you do.

I have a sweet friend. Her name is Judi. She's a youth ministers wife. Let me rephrase that... she's been a youth ministers wife for 15 years. She homeschools. Her heart is lovely. She is my sweet little gift from God.

I called my sweet friend Judi, my friend wasn't at home. She called me back, and I cried for over one hour.

I am all better now.

She reminded me why we do what we do.


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  1. aww. one of these days i'm going to say "i have a sweet little friend named kati. she's been a youth minister's wife for 15 years...she's my little gift from God!!!"


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