Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Million Reasons

There are probably a million reasons why I love this little boy.

There is THIS reason and THIS reason and THIS reason not to mention THIS reason; but today it's a different reason.

No, it's not because he was such a happy baby...

Or because he so sweetly ate his first piece of birthday cake...

And it's not even because he looks so cute with his naked bun buns helping in the kitchen...

Today, there is a totally different reason.

It's not because when we were at the library today he went to the potty all by himself while the girls were reading and I was nursing Emmyn.

No, it's because he came out of the bathroom naked so I could hold on to his jacket while he was going pee-pee.

"Here Mommy, hold my jacket." And he had no idea what in world was the big deal. ; )

I love that boy.

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