Monday, January 11, 2010

Naked Women

Today I walked into the school room to find my Alli reading my current read. Mercy Beyond Measure by Kurt Salierno.

The first story Kurt shares of his life living on the streets of Portland, sharing the love of Chirst, is about a trip he took with some people he had just met.

Not knowing any of these people, but wanting to get to know them better; he goes with them to go see a movie. Long story short, he goes -- spending the last of his money-- only to find out it's an ADULT MOVIE with naked women on the screen.

He whispers to the man next to him: "Is this a good movie?"

The man says: "Yeah, it gets better!"

Kurt whispers back: "NO, this is NOT a good movie, we need to leave."

The man laughs..."Go then."

Then Kurt whispers to all the men, "We need to leave, this is NOT a good movie."

Then all the men say "Ha! Go, then!"

He leaves, all alone having no idea where he is or how to get back to where he started. He was immature to the streets and had no idea what to do. While trying to find his way back, he stumbles upon "skid row" only to find tons of men passed out. He thinks they are dead in the alley and tries to find authorities to help him because he thinks a mass murder just took place.

Then a man comes out of a bar and the thinks the man is the mass murderer. Scared to tell the man, "No" when the man asks him in for a drink... (because he thinks the man will kill him too), he goes inside. Upon going inside he sees...

"more dead people"

After talking with the man, he finds out that all those people are actually just passed out (a sight he had never seen.) At the end of the night, the drunk man whom he thought was a mass murderer accepted Christ.

So, back to Alli...

I walk into the room and said, "Hey, would you like me to read that to you?" (Thinking she might not be able to understand it totally--forgetting all about the naked women part) She then says "Sure."

I said: "What part are you on?"

She replied: "I'm right here... except", she continues... (looking at me puzzled) "Ummm...I don't really understand what kind of movie they are at, Mom. "




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