Saturday, February 7, 2009

Man of the House

Daniel left this morning early for Mexico and he'll be gone until next Saturday morning. Last night before tucking Judah into bed he said:

"Well, you're the man of the house now little buddy."

"He will be, one day, I said. Isn't that an amazing thought?" One day, he will be the protector of the house while Daniel is away.

I am always so blown away at how God has in trusted these little lives to us.

The other day the girls were being crazy in the back of the van. Just giggling, and singing all the way down the road. I said to them "Alli, Jordi... you girls are crazy!" Then Judah said "Joorrrdo!" (that is his new favorite word, that and Aweeeee (for Alli).

After that, I turned to Daniel and said, "It's so weird to think that one day a man will call her Jordan and he will love her, she will be grown."

They are all just little gifts. Gifts for us to have for only a little time.

What a treasure.


  1. When I read the 'Judah' post I had thoughts on the very same line that you have posted here. Now he is just a baby. But someday, even though it is actually years away, another woman will take his heart. Hold your children tight! They are gifts and treasures from our Daddy God. Does Daniel have a shotgun? He is going to need one soon...with those two beautiful angels! Love you guys bunches!
    nana m

  2. well kati, here's my blogspot. i think it's hard to read, but i'll deal with the specifics later. i'm proud of your efforts today, but i didn't want to text you back and waste yours!!


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