Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Making of a Tradition

We started a special valentine tradition this year. A simple white table cloth (Wal-mart, on sale $4.50), with our hand prints. Each year we will put our handprints on it. One day it will be full of loving hands. Loving hands that aren't so little anymore.

We're waiting for Daddy to get home from Mexico to add his.

Yes, it should say And now these three remain... *sigh* I sat there for the longest time contemplating going to Wal-mart to get another one and start over. But then I thought, Oh well, it builds character, it's the beginning of it's story. =) Story being: mom wasn't paying very good attention.

But really, this is what it's all about:

If you decide to do this special little thing with your family I have the following advice for you:

1. When you are printing the scripture, and you get to the part that says: And now THESE three remain... don't forget you are on the word THESE and not three =)

2. No matter how cheap you are (like me) don't buy the small black paint instead of the big one just because you won't need as much. BECAUSE, it doesn't have the little tip; it has a big one and a lot squeezes out, Why? I do not know...


  1. I'm preaching on 1 Corinthians 13 Sunday. My "trial" sermon. That's right, I get to pimp myself via preaching. Here's my main point: The perfection of God is seen in the church when we love the least and the lost. Not really a text that needs to be read at a wedding...

  2. I love that! "Trial" sermon? I am totally going to be praying for you, can't wait to tell Daniel. Good luck pimpin' it! =) Let us know how it goes!


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