Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Wonderful Reunion

Wednesday, after the wonderful breaking of the news to the kids, I couldn't imagine being stuck in the house all day. So instead, I elected it to be our reunion day with the Springfield Library Center...

Let's all take a moment to take a deep sigh, followed by slumping in your chair, and then ending with a smile. =) Now, don't you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Well that is how you would feel if you had just experienced the LC.

After moving to our new house back in October I could not justify paying the $50/year fee to be a member of the Green County Library, especially since we live RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the Christian County Library...

ummmm, let's all take a moment to pretend like we are sucking on a rotten lemon, shall we? Now you feel like you just visited the local Ozark library. yuck.

You can call me spoiled American when it comes to this one folks, but our library is stinky. Well, really it does stink but besides that, they have the worst selection ever! The one rule I have at the library (other than no running and use your "library voice" =) is you must choose one biography, one non-fiction, and one fiction. Welp, not at the Christian County Library, they have hardly any junior biographies. Now, if my kids want to learn about farm animals, they've got you covered but anything other than that... you can forget it!

Needless to say, the $4 per month is so worth it! Also, at least I did give it a three month trial run to prove it is stinky.

Well, now that I am off my soap box ( I do that a lot don't I?) lets get on with the lovely day, shall we? =)

The last time we enjoyed this library Judah was still being toted around in his stroller but now, he is a big boy...

He loved playing with other little friends, choosing books, trying out the water fountain and playing with the toys. We worked on his "quiet library voice" and held hands while choosing books, it was a delight!

The kids must choose books before computer time. So off they went in search of the perfect ones.

After searching out books, our tummies were hungry. Well, we're in luck! This library has a cafe'! So do you know what I did? Yep! I packed the picnic basket, plates and all. =) You know I can't leave home without it. We enjoyed a lovely lunch while reading books and then even splurged on a cranberry walnut muffin, which was a very nice little treat.

I've decided to always go at lunch time and have lunch packed. That way I can pretend we had to eat out and I will make up my $50 in just four or five trips =)

After our tummies were full we headed back to explore. Alli asked the librarian all kinds of book questions while Judah and I were looking for books then both the girls enjoyed some computer time. Soon after, it was time to head out.

Young readers section:

Audio and video section:

View from the young reader section; looking at the non-fiction, junior bio section and books on cd/tape:

Outdoor story garden:

Judah was asleep before we left the parking lot and by the time we got home, Alli had already learned what a conspiracy the Disney Pocahontas movie was by reading two of her junior easy reader biographies.

Best of all... the library basket was again full of wonderful little treasures!

It was a great day.

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