Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Starting the Day

I love it when the day starts out right.

Some of you may be the "sleep in, get up with the kids" type, but time and time again my life proves that this momma up first makes for a much better day!

Monday night I went to bed at 7:30 (never happens) but I had been very under the weather that day so I tucked Judah into his bed and didn't stop there. I walked straight into our room climbed in and didn't get out until Mr. Alarm told me to @ 5:30am Tuesday morning. Up and at 'em! Shower, dressed ;-), hair fixed, quiet time, study time, cleaning time, kiddos up, breakfast done, everyone sitting and eating. ahhh, I sit back to enjoy my cup of OJ when I glance up at the calender... Ahh! Judah has a dr apt at 9:20! Ok, everyone eat up, we have to get a move on. This is the reason I hate to plan doctor's visits so far in advance, I always forget them. I had already planned for a busy day but I didn't plan for an hour long dr. visit in there so I had to do some adjusting.

8:50 doing good. Everyone ready to go, kitchen cleaned up, kids have books in hand for a busy day in the van. List in had of items to do today, off we go.

Stop one. Dr. Stacey's office. We love our doctor. She is the best! Our favorite nurse, Tracy was out on vacation so we were sad about that. Nice little check up, all is well Praise the Lord. We are on our way.

Stop two. The book store, Redeemed; I love going there (obviously since they almost know us by name). It's great, we take books in, we get more. We pay nothing. love it, love it, love it! Actually yesterday we walked out with $30 cash too, that was even better. Along with our $30 cash, Alli had picked out a new "chapter book", I found the new testament on CD for in the van (a really cool one), a little picture book for Jordan, some flash cards and other misc. items. Yep, good times, good times.

Stop three. The consignment store across the street. Love it too! Took in old swimming suits, walked out with new, didn't pay a dime.

Stop four. Lunch. Typically we always pack a lunch and eat at a park, at the Y if we are on our way to PE, we have even carried our picnic basket into the mall food court when I needed to make a return to Old Navy one day. BUT yesterday, the thought of eating out sounded like a nice treat not to mention, easier.

It's wasn't.

Yep, the picnic basket is the way to go. We decided on a place with a playground outside. I thought, "oh that would be a fun thing for the kids, and I can start reading a book that my friend Judi gave me forever ago." We walk through the doors and stand in the line. Those lines seem so silly, like a line to the feeding trough. But we stood anyway, our tummies were hungry. We placed our order, filled our drinks and proceeded to the playground to eat and play. I was so excited because there weren't any other kids out there, this will be peaceful I thought. Well, there were no kids out there because it was closed. :-( So I said, "ohhh it's closed." "Closed?!" my kids say. Then Alli says "oh well, good thing I brought in my chapter book!" (I love that kid) So we all sat inside, ate our mystery meat meal, and listened to Alli's story. I felt way sick afterwards but did enjoy the nice reading. I think I could have saved $11 and all that MSG and still enjoyed the reading with our picnic basket :-)

And just in case you were wondering... I started my book this morning. ;-)

Then we were off again, with lots left to do but one pooped little boy. Since he passed out on our way to return books to the library I thought a stop at the grocery store would just have to wait. So home we went.

The kids played outside while Judah slept, I had a talk on the phone with a friend and did housework.

Later that afternoon Daniel surprised us with a "Dad's home early Day!" (we love those days) so, we popped popcorn to celebrate, all sat down, enjoyed the nice outdoor breeze as it blew the curtains around, watched a little bit of a netflix that came in the mail and then we were off to church for an activity that night.

After church the kids headed to the school cupboard and started making crafts. Alli made me a sweet poem and Jordan made a little card for her friend Megan. Then off to bed they went. I spent the evening finishing up some last minute planning for tonights youth event and some last minute house work.

Well, there it is in a nut shell, our day yesterday. What was the reason for this post? ha! To remind me that if I wasn't an 'early riser mommy' my day would have been chaos when I remembered Judah's Dr. apt! I wish I knew how to do it a different way but being the control freak that I am... It just has to be that way.

School covered today: reading, arts and crafts and life skills. ha!

Here are those cute swimming suits!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Hooray for great days! We love Dr. Stacy too! The kids especially love the cookies and stickers. Have a blessed week!!


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