Monday, August 31, 2009

If You... Part 2

If you walked through our front door you might just find...

...the room we love the most; waiting for you to sit and chat awhile.

Or perhaps you'll notice the flowers picked by little hands and placed in a vase with love.

You might find a little boy playing sweetly, thinking you cannot see him,

or maybe you would find him asleep in a corner.

You could find one little girl teaching another,

or perhaps you'll find them all enjoying creative play together.

We might be celebrating a birthday,

or just being silly.

But if you chose to come through our door today, it would be like no other day.

The house would be quiet. There would be nobody waiting to sit and chat awhile, no one to adore beautiful flowers or children. No creative play today, no sleeping boys in a sweet little corner.

For the home sits silent today.

But when we return home through that same door, we hope to be returning with one more beautiful little creation straight from the Master's Hands,

to ours.



  1. Sweet post. Praying for you family today. Baby is probably already here since it is 10:00 am. Hoping that all is going well and you have your little bundle in hand. God bless you and your new little one.


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