Friday, February 25, 2011

God Is So Good

Well, our first week of Eleos was yesterday and it was nothing short of...


Let me tell you all the ways God blessed us. I can't hardly keep it in. 

1. The Battery
Since I have surrendered the garage to Daniel's "manly" projects and the tools that fix everything I break, "the doll house we will use again some day"; all the childrens outdoor toys ,and our ridiculous camping gear... I park outside the garage. ; ) So, when I saw rain was in the forecast for Wednesday night I went outside to roll up my windows. 

The battery was dead.

The kids had left a light on and I had left the keys in the ignition half way turned = ) So, the next morning, I ask Daniel to go jump it before he leaves for work. He tells me, "We don't have the jumper cables, they're at the shop." BUT, he puts the battery charger on it and it gets a charge after a couple of minutes. The windows roll up. It's pouring outside. The seats are BARELY wet. 

God is so Good

2. It's actually working
Food is cooking, children are doing chores without being followed around or told what to do. Then they sit at the table to do school work. They're giggling, helping each other, baby is running around the house laughing and playing. People MUST be praying, I cannot beleive this. 

God is so good. 

3. Enough
It's time to go. We gather in the living room to pray one last time for everyone receiving a meal and I talk with the children reminding them why we're doing this. The children come in and help scoop the hot food into containers, we have just enough.
God is so good. 

4. The Calming
It's time to load the food into the van. It is absolutely pouring outside. The rain stops. I roll up my jeans to walk through the huge lake in my driveway. The food is loaded.

God is so good. 

5. The Joy
We deliver meals, pray with people, offer to dust strangers homes and change their bed linens. Some haven't seen anyone all week. Some talk about their pains, their sickness, another told us about the pictures of their family on the wall.  They say, we'll see you next week?

I say, Yes.

God is so good.

6. The Last Delivery
We make our last delivery and the rain begins to pour again. We're done. 

God is so good. 

7. The Calls
We've had three more calls for meals today.

God is so good.

To think, God would use someone like me.  Someone so broken.

And to top it all off... His love for little 'ol me, to stop the rain.   

God is so good. 

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  1. Oh Kati, i am so blessed by this excited to see what you guys are doing and how God is using you... you amazing me :) and i am inspired to do more myself...keep up the good work :)

  2. Kristi, don't forget you left your Carthage life to go back home and start a church. You lived with your in laws for over one year waiting for God to sell your house in MO. keep up the good work yourself, friend = ) Love ya!

  3. Kati, you don't know me, but I'm Ginny's Aunt Sharon (actually I'm Brad's aunt. I live in south Georgia. I just love, love, love your blog/post. What a wonderful blessing you are receiving by sharing with others. I myself received a blessing from your blog that brought tears to my eyes. You are such a inspiration!! Isn't it wonderful doing God's work! Sharon

  4. Sharon, (Brad's Aunt from Georgia ; ) Thank you very much! I appreciate your sweet words. I wonder if you are the aunt with the daughter who had the beautiful wedding a few years back? I might be way off but either way, thanks so much for being so kind. =) Nice to hear from you.


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