Sunday, February 20, 2011

So, There's This Little Thing We're Doing

 And we'd LOVE it if you'd pray for it to be of God's spirit.

To the five people who read this blog... YES my face COVERED the paper. They snapped our picture when we were out delivering cookies in town to business' and houses. Seriously,  last Thursday, when I saw how big that was I felt like I needed to stay home for a couple of weeks.  Regardless of my face, the Reporter was SO very nice to share about what we're doing and the ladies we met were so very nice. I wanted to just run a small ad and they made it into a story for FREE

The article read:
A new ministry has found it's way to the Chelsea area! Daniel and Kati Gibson are overjoyed to announce the birth of a new help to the community, Eleos. Although starting small they are anxious to discover the needs of this community and be a help.

Eleos (e'-le-os) is a greek word meaning mercy, compassion, a readiness to help others.

Graduates of Chelsea, Daniel and Kati Gibson have just returned home from serving in ministry for the past seven years and are anxious to love on the people of Chelsea. Moving from the area after their graduation in 2001, Daniel and Kati say, "The hardest thing about being gone from the community for so long is, you have no idea where the need is. So, we're just going to dive in and get our feet wet. When you are on a church staff, it is obvious where the needs are, but we feel called to be out and among the people, not on a church staff. So, this is where we're starting. If you don't start somewhere, you'll never start."

"Our first project is a FREE home food ministry to people 60 years and older. Each Thursday, we will drive and deliver 10 homes a warm lunch. When people call, they can choose a day/menu item. It will be based on first come, first serve basis. For instance, if 50 people call over the course of a week, each person will be given date when they will receive their meal. 50 people means 5 weeks out. Someone who calls might not get a meal that Thursday but we will give them a date and follow up that week with a reminder call to expect their delivery.  Again, starting small but praying it will grow bigger than our wildest dreams, all in God's timing. At this time, 10 homes per week is all we can do. This outreach is not designed to feed the hungry but rather give people a knock on the door, a friendly face, and something to look forward to. This will also provide us a way to know what is going on in peoples lives. Each person will be given our contact information, we hope we can get to know each of them and be a person they can call if they have a need."

"Although passionate about the older generation we are also passionate about young people. Having worked with parents and teens for the past seven years we are excited to see what opportunities there are for us to love on students. We love to share our story of God's grace and love in our lives. We feel It's important for every student, both young and old, to know their true value and potential. We're excited to see how we can get involved in the community helping families, all different types. "

FREE Home Food Ministry Contact Information:
Daniel or Kati Gibson
PO Box 274
Chelsea, OK 74016

Meal Schedule:
Thursday, February 24
Chicken and Noodles
Mash Potatoes
Dessert- Brownies or Sugar Free Option of Fresh Fruit

Thursday, March 3
Green Beans
Garlic Bread
Cho Chip Cookies or Sugar Free Option of Fresh Fruit

Thursday, March 10
Chili w/ all the fixings
Cake or Sugar Free Option of Fresh Fruit

There are NO income requirements, no religious requirements, only an age requirement of 60 years or older. All meals are free, no payment or donations are accepted. Call or email today to get scheduled in!

We'd love to hear from you, contact us via phone, mail, or email if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


  1. You found your feet. So excited for you!

    Blessings - Teri

  2. Okay, so I read the one about the rain too, and I am just crying. I love you. Sometimes this blog makes me more bummed than ever that you don't live here, but tonight it just makes me so, so happy for the people of Chelsea, OK that the Gibsons moved back to town.

  3. I love you, Ginny. There's plenty of farmin' down our way, you know! ; )

  4. Kati! I just read the blogs about Eleos - I am SO excited for you! What a beautiful way to put "feet" on your faith! Praying that God will bless & guide you!

  5. Thank you Bonnie! You are a pro at working out your feet! Miss that smile, sister!


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