Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monday's Coming, Mommas

When it's President's Day, drag out  that big bag of popsicle sticks you bought four years ago at a garage sale for 25 cents and build a log cabin.

Instead of cursing your old windows that are so cold in the winter and practically rain inside your home on cold days... make them into a paining canvas. 

Let the baby sit and play.

Explore the sunsets.

Watch the oldest and youngest play together.

 When you knock down the wasp nest; take time to research it. 

 Make your own birthday cakes, they really will love it.

Let them explore the woods right in their own bedroom on cold days. 

Let them splash in the water, even when there's snow on the ground. 

Take your little guy, pj's and all, for hang time. Cocoa and cards at the local diner will work just fine. 

You don't need two, just squeeze everyone on to one.  

When there's nothing else to do, field trip to the pet store. 

 Let them bring they're frogs in the house.

Don't forget to take pictures with them.

Teach them one of your favorite recipes.

Peek in on them when they're being quiet. 

 Let them dig in your cupboard and create new games. 

Let the little one do what the big ones do. 

 Let them sleep just a little longer. 

Because there are lots of moments that steal our joy throughout the day, savor the little moments that create joy.

Have a happy Monday, Mommas!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder, Kati! This morning, after a night of storms and another round of early morning storms that wasn't conducive for sleeping in, I need to remember to cherish my girls even if they (and momma too) are cranky and sleepy.

    Michelle Givler

  2. I hear ya Michelle, how often those days come and yet how quickly we forget them. =( I think of all the days I've spent upset about things both big and small. And now, even if I sit and think real hard, I can only remember a hand full of them and usually what I remember is my reaction, not so much the "offense" Hugs!


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