Friday, August 22, 2008

First Things First: A Trip to the Spring

As most of you know two weeks ago we kicked off Daniel's vacation. We have been having so much fun and it is now drawing to a close. Even though we aren't glad to see his vacation coming to an end, we are happy to be done traveling and back in the basement :-)

I have so much updating to do! So... I thought I would kick it off with First Things First..., our first vacation outing.

A Trip To the Spring

Two Saturdays ago the Simpson's turned us on to a local spring just outside of Ozark. The day couldn't have been more perfect. All of the days prior to this one had been during that terrible heat spell of 100 plus and on this day it was in the high 7o's!

We parked the van and headed into the water, it was crystal clear. The kids had a great time chasing tadpoles, finding little dead fish, and cool rocks (hey, it's what kids do!) The water was very swift in some spots so we had to keep them all within close reach.

We found a sweet little spot to explore where the water was coming out of the rocks. Alli, of course, was our first explorer to the fun spot.

And she was our last...

Yep, that little guy (read as... THAT SNAKE) is in the water right next to where our little Alli was standing. After we got home Daniel and I zoomed in real close to the one of Alli and could see the snake under the water with his head out looking at her! My body became covered in goose bumps and I praised the Lord for his protection. That was a scary thing.

Needless to say... we walked in the middle of the spring from then on.

After our fun water time we stopped for a snack on the bank.

Mom and Dad has snacks too but let's face it, we just aren't as cute.

We hope to return soon to this darling little spot of God's wonderful creation.

More to come... :o)

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