Friday, August 15, 2008

A Heavy Heart

Hello again.

We have returned safely from our fun adventures during this past week Praise be to the Lord.

BUT, those wonderful days in pictures and words will have to wait due to our heavy hearts for people dear to us.

Some of our very dear friends are battling the possibility of bone cancer. Jim and Madeline are parents, grandparents, and friends to many. Jim started last year having bones break for no reason and doctor's diagnosed it as a severe case of osteoporosis. One year later it has worsened and the pain is unbearable. They found out last week it could possibly be bone cancer. Not to mention last I knew since they both work for a church he in Maintenance and her a Treasurer they, like us, don't have health insurance.

Also, after returning home today we received word that one of the ladies from my Created To Be His Help Meet study's father went missing on Tuesday. Today his body was found just yards from his home. Just last week at our study Sherrie spoke of her dad and his love and now he is gone. I cannot even imagine how this family is feeling. We take our family for granted, don't we.

Please pray for these two families.


  1. Prayers for healing and strength are on the way :)

    It's a wonderful things that they have such good friends.

  2. ah man....that's rough. I'm sorry to hear that about your friend. My sister is a cancer survivor, so I can totally understand the emotions you're feeling.

    Will you be there tomorrow night? I am looking forward to it, and hoping that we can spend some time praying for Sherrie.

    See ya soon sista.


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