Tuesday, March 8, 2011

American Girl OH MY GOODNESS Greatness

A warm thought on a cold, rainy day in March: fresh flowers from the garden and warm rolls from the oven.

We just recently started attending a new co-op here in Oklahoma! One of the moms, The Mom of 2 Girly Girlz, who is the head lady, hmmm... part head lady? I'm not for sure...but she sends a lot of emails and acts like a leader. So, even if she's not in charge, I'll put her in charge ; ) Actually,  I don't know what her title is, but that was a huge paragraph about nothing. Besides, we all know it takes lots of ladies working together to get most jobs done. =) We are pretty crafty, aren't we?

Anyway!!! When she read on our blog that we were reading Addy, she sent me an email with the following link to her wonderful American Girl Blog Study Helper.

Click Here:

Yep, it's pretty great; I've already told her we cannot be friends. However, she does love orphans, maybe I'll make her be my friend. =)

Her American Girl Site: Portraits of American Girlhood, is beautiful and has SO much great stuff... enjoy mommas! 


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  1. Hi Kati. It's Nicole, from Coop. (I was sitting to your left on the couch.) Anyway, did you get the message post about the American Girl FREE online classes from CurrClick? We have read all three of the featured books this year (my 5 year old) and I was thinking of getting involved in it.

    Also, welcome to Oklahoma and to Coop!

  2. Hi Nicole! I did get that message but haven't checked it out yet. I love CurrClick but other than free downloads and a few I've purchased I've never done anything else. I'm anxious to check it out. We did all of Felicity a couple years back and half of Kirsten. Now we're on to Addy. Of course, she broke my heart. Thanks for the welcome!


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