Monday, September 8, 2008

Oh, Those Sweet School Days Are Here Again...

... and I feel like such a momma.

I must say there is just an "1800sness" that pours from me every now and then. I can't help but think it's a God given desire of my heart to see my children one day running through the fields with wildflowers while I pick beans from the garden or bake pies with a dear friend in my kitchen. But as for now, I will be happy with what I have been blessed with and only pray he has given me those desires for a reason (other than to torment me, ha!)

Well, back to reality. I do love it when the morning starts out well. I was up, showered and dressed by 6:30am. Then I headed up to the kitchen for some cooking and time growing in the Lord. It wasn't until 7:25am that my first little one came up for some snuggle time. Then, considering the fact they all share a bedroom, it wasn't long before the whole gang was awake with hungry tummies.

I love hungry tummies in the morning...

...and what hungry tummies don't love fresh warm muffins?

After breakfast we all cleaned up the kitchen and kissed dad goodbye. Then, the kids went to get ready for their day (dressed, brush teeth, hair etc.).

From then on the typical day looks like this:

From 9-10am the kids and I do our chores around the house. Everyone's share varies and changes often.

From 10-10:30am Alli reads to Jordan. Right now she is reading her reading book Helping Hands to her.

Let me tell you, these are sweet little books indeed. Today she read about a little girl who received a package from her Grandmother. Inside the package were six onions. Nell (the girl) did not know what to say to her Grandmother; she didn't understand why in the world she would send her onions. So, Nell has to struggle with being kind and thankful to her Grandmother even though she doesn't really want the 'onions'. BUT wait, that's not all... soon Nell discovers she doesn't have onions but bulbs for flowers. Christian Light Publishing is who I order those cutsie books though. Highly recommended.

While Alli is reading to Jordan I sit on the floor and play with Judah. He loves that one on one attention. If there is anything I know to be true with little ones in homeschooling it is this: fill the little ones tanks up (just like your gas tank) with 15-20 min of personal one on one attention and they are good to go until lunch :-) Of course, I am right there so the other two can ask for help with whatever they may be doing at the time.

After the girls reading time is over it is time for Alli and momma to read and Jordan and Judah to play together. For this season of learning we are going through the American Girl Series. This week is Felicity. Today we read chapter one and we can't wait until tomorrow when we read Chapter 2, those books are just too sweet! Thanks to my friend Darie for donating several copies to me. :-)

After Alli and I read together and the little ones have played (today they mostly played in the laundry basket with animal crackers and a blanket) we head up stairs for some pencil pushin' time.

Judah is loving his one sheet of white paper and box of colors while sitting in his new big boy booster chair. Jordan is learning this week how to spell, write, and identify the color RED and we are working on the letter B. Alli has this week to complete five journal pages, 100 math problems (25 of which she completed today), One page paper over any past President of the US. and a variation of other simple stuff. Yep, it's pretty simple for this season of life. No fancy Geography, Science, or History. All that fun stuff is in storage and you don't hear my kiddos complaining! Besides, that stuff is best done in front of a warm fire during the winter when you can't enjoy the great outdoors as often.

Around 12:00 we all make lunch. While we eat I am currently reading The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, we are loving it as well.

After we read and lunch is picked up the big kids draw a picture of what I just read while I put Judah to sleep. Those are cute pictures!

Then Jordi goes down for her nap and Alli and I enjoy some big girl time. This is the time when we have our great talks (usually over a load of laundry :-) I pray we are having talks over laundry for many years to come.

After our talk I usually have some business stuff to do and Alli does some typing. My friend Judi turned me on to this great website that has super fun typing drills. My friend Judi uses more of the History part of the web site but we are enjoying the typing for right now. It does the home row and everything. You can click here to check it out.

Usually around 2:30-3:00 the little ones wake up. After some wonderful snuggle time we usually run any errands we might have or stop for tea at the Estill home. Oh man, I have to get you some pictures of this very delightful outing the next time we go.

Well, I never in a million years would have thought I'd have the desires I have now, and love it all so much. What a wonderful gift I have been given.

Isn't it just wonderful how God trusts us to care for the future? It is such a huge responsibility teaching, training, nurturing, and guiding our children whatever age they may be. I am so honored he chose me to be apart of it.


  1. I am totally motivated after reading that post! What a blessing you are! And don't ya LOVE the American Girl series? We are reading the Kit books right now and are looking forward to the movie. I am always so proud when my 4 year old tells people about the Great Depression! Happy back to school days!

  2. You are so inspiring Kati!
    I am sure that when God looks at you, He smiles from ear to ear!! He must be so proud of His daughter and the Mom she has become!!
    Love ya girl!

  3. Wow, Thank you ladies for such encouraging words! I appreciate it so much. Encouragement is a God given gift designed to bless others (in my little opinion) and you have blessed me this morning!


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