Friday, September 5, 2008

All in a Days Work

Isn't it amazing all the different things we do in one day? And yet, through it all, we are surrounded by God's love, mercy, grace, and blessings.

I started the day off in the kitchen making omelets for my family and I'm ending the day, in the kitchen, baking bread for breakfast tomorrow. If that isn't blessings abounding enough, my day was full of other wonderful things! From haircuts, to science volcano's, to reading Winnie the Pooh over hot ham and cheese sandwiches with my three little ones. I rocked my sweet Judah to sleep at nap time and kissed his sweet face when he woke up. I was blessed with a wonderful conversation with my oldest daughter while the little ones napped, and even had a peaceful time with our Saving Grace, God the Father. I was blessed by a simple yet thoughtful time of encouragement from a friends phone call, and tonight a new friendship was born over dinner with new friends.

And it makes a full circle back to the kitchen, cooking for my family, having a peaceful time with the Lord and being amazed in His glory.

My dear friends, please stop today and see the glories all around you. His love, mercy, grace, creation, His everything is all around you, living and breathing for you to enjoy!

Isn't our God extravagant?

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