Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some Updates on Prayer

Some of you might remember my request for prayer for our dear friends, Jim and Madeline.

Here is an update on his diagnosis:

He has been diagnosed with Bone Cancer; his multiple melanoma is in the intermediate stages. He started oral chemo this week and is also starting a monthly infusion that will help his bones. They are coping at this point. As I mentioned before, they have no medical insurance. Being someone without medical insurance, I can't even imagine what it would be like to receive this type of diagnosis let alone have to worry about money. Please be in prayer for them. Prayers for comfort, healing, wisdom, and prayers for the Lord to provide financial relief from Dr's, Hospitals, Specialists, and even brothers and sisters in Christ.

One more special little request.

See this cute little expecting momma on the right?

Her name is Ginny. Our families are good friends and they are expecting their fourth little blessing in November. We had the pleasure of catching up with these great friends back in August when we had some vacation time.

Please be in prayer for her pregnancy. They have had very trying times in the past and anxiety can run very high during this last trimester and even though you might not know her personally, I believe in the power of prayer and I know it will be a huge blessing to them!


  1. kati, if i could drop everything i have right now and come live with you, i would totally do it. i had an amazing day today. i didn't get to confront anyone about anything, but i did meet my mom in siloam springs to get my insurance verification. we just talked and i told her everything and how i just want to serve god with my life and how i have to make hard decisions and how i might move in with you guys sometime =) anyway, she was actually very understanding of everything and it was just much better than i thought it would be. you're an amazing friend. thanks for always having wonderful things to say to me and for being honest no matter what.


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