Sunday, August 31, 2008

It Was a Glorious Day Indeed

Yep, that's the only way to describe our 7 1/2 hour visit with the Estill family today. It was nothing short of Glorious, and I have not one picture to share with you.

It started at three o'clock with sweet introductions and sweet tea. It ended 7 1/2 hours later with sweet tea and the birth of a sweet new friendship.

During that time, we shared a wonderful meal together, shared what God has been doing and is continuing to do in both of our families lives; we shared the passions and desires of all our hearts, and by the end of the night we felt like we had known them all of our lives. We even enjoyed the cool of the evening on the back patio watching our seven children chase chickens, climb trees and pretend to be horses; all the while knowing God was woven through all of what we were doing.

Although the pictures would have been a nice way to show you how great it was, they surely wouldn't have done it justice.

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