Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Week in Pictures Pt. 2

After our fun at White Water we all went back to the condo for some nice long naps. There's nothing like a nap after fun in the sun! After our naps it was off to our next stop: Shepherd of the Hills. Our friend Kendra gave us free tickets to this great show. We had front row seats!

They started the evening off with a bull frog race. Oh yeah, you know it... Alli was ALL OVER that! She is my animal lover of any sort! From baby rats to little tadpoles, we've housed them all.

Now Judah and Jordan on the other hand, weren't so excited.

Jordan said, ummm... I don't think so.

And Judah, well... this look says it all :-)

The sad thing about it is, JUDAH was the one who won the race. Alli's frog kept jumping out of her hand before the race started but then when they said "sit 'em down and let 'em go!" Her frog didn't move a muscle. You would think all of Alli's animal loving would pay off on a bull frog race but it didn't. :-(

Below is a video of the winning frog and it's boy (and dad)...

Sorry the video is sideways but it's still cute.

Afterward they had Daniel and the kids come down to the front and announced the winner. That's it, the night couldn't have gotten off to a better start.

Oh, but wait... during the middle they encourage people to come down and square dance with the actors. Oh man, that was right up my kids' alley!

Waiting ever so patiently...

My girls are not at all dressed for the occasion which really bums me out.

At one point one of the men picked Alli up and swung her around. Oh man, that was the talk of the night.

It was so much fun, the weather was great, the show was great, the christian message in the show was great, the kids were so good. I sat there thinking "It couldn't have been a better night."

Ok, if I could have splurged the $18 for the super cute family picture they took maybe it could have been better. Hey, Judah was holding a little gun.

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