Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Week In Pictures Pt. 1

For the rest of our vacation "catch up" I thought it would be fun to just walk you through with pictures of our adventures. As I mentioned in a prior post, several people when hearing we were going to Branson showered us with free tickets to area attractions. Who gets a free stay in a Presidential Condo let alone free tickets to Shepherd of the Hills, White Water-Water Park, Celebration City and a nice little breakfast at the Farmhouse Restaurant Down Town Branson? That's a God thing!

Our whole trip cost us (other than gas) $8.76 and that is just because Judah ruined his shirt by eating grape jelly at our free breakfast so we bought him a super cute shirt before exploring the Branson Landing :-)

Adventure #1 White Water Water Park

This is a place we had always wanted to go. Tickets however cost $39 per adult and $33 per child. Yep! No way. Actually, even aside from the money we had always thought since it was so big and commercialized it would be crowded and just plain stressful to go there with three little ones. WELL, I am sure that would be the case on some days but not for us on this perfect day!

We arrived at 1o am and played hard until 1pm. At that time we walked over to the nice covered pavilion for a picnic lunch. We don't have any fun water pictures because we were honestly having too much fun and losing my camera was not on the agenda for THIS trip :)

After our picnic it was back to the fun. Daniel and Alli enjoyed some big kid fun on some tube rides while I played with the little ones in the splash zone. Then we all hooked back up and enjoyed the wave pool, it was a load of fun. I sat there on the shore with the two little ones playing in the "tide" and if I squinted my eyes real tight and peered into the water it almost felt like I was at the ocean. ummm, ok... maybe not :o(

Alli and I made some fun memories on this slide yep, the one on the left... I'm such a cool mom :o) Ok, ok, her Dad did it too, but he was after me so I get the cool mom status.

All in all it was a great day. Our little Judah couldn't even make it to the van when it was all said and done (at 3pm). He fell asleep right before we got to the exit gate, he's so sweet.

Come on, you know you want to kiss his little sweet cheeks.

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