Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back in the Swing of Things

I must honestly say, I have been scared to even start a post because I just don't have any idea what to say. There has been so much going on!

Well, I guess I'll start with our trip to Christ In Youth MOVE:

Awesome! The students really had a great taste of community and a look at the way community should look in the church. We had students openly confessing sins that they struggle with or give in to and many openly repented; which was great!

You know, the enemy tries to make us think we are all alone in our struggles. We often think that no one will ever understand, or we feel like if we tell someone they will gossip, etc. Which I understand why he is able to make us feel that way, considering the American church (THE CHURCH, THE BODY AS A WHOLE, not just the building you or I attend) has a very bad way of dealing with support sometimes. The community should be a place where we would do anything for another brother or sister. If we practiced that more, the enemy wouldn't stand a chance against it. It's kind of like this... If someone told you McDonalds was best known for its burrito you would disagree! We all know what McDonalds is best known for, the BIG MAC or any hamburger for that matter. Well, it is the same in the church. If we were doing what Jesus intended when he built his church, then when the enemy tried to make us feel alone we would be able to say No! I am not alone! I know I am loved, I know that there are people I can trust. But some of the loneliest people are walking up and down our church halls.

But anyway... That is about as far as I should go with that I think, because you don't really want me to start with it; it's a topic I am very passionate about. :-)

A great week was had by all. Challenging, fun, safe and body building.

I would love to show you some great pictures. Like the wonderful ones I took of the St. Louis Arch but... since someone didn't turn my camera into the lost & found, I have no pictures for you :-( Yes, the first night was so hectic! Being in such a rush, I either left it under my seat at dinner or night session and no one ever turned it in to the lost and found. Oh well, I hope the person who has it is truly enjoying my pictures; especially the cutie pie pirate one I took of Alli before we left.

So with that said... no pictures for awhile.

Things with our house have been crazy as crazy can be. We thought we would be moving as soon as we returned from CIY on Saturday but some stuff fell through and our closing has been moved to the first week of August. Well, that would be ok if we had not already sold our fridge, bunk beds and moved all of our essentials into storage, such as pots and pans, etc.

AND to make a long story very short we will be walking out of closing with a lot less money than what we will be walking into closing with. And yes... you remember correctly; we are just selling a home not buying. We should be walking out with money! Yep, you guessed it, I'm totally doing the big sigh of yuckiness right now.

On to happier news...

The children are all doing well and I made it through seven days with only one phone call before we left town and one while we were gone. The one before we left town was to thank Alli for a sweet card she had snuck into our luggage. :-) That is a classic case of 'more is caught than taught'. I have put little love letters in her luggage since she was two! Never once have I told her she should do that for me. This year... she did. When I called her to say thank you, she said "mommy I hid that under my pillow for one week!" simply, sweet.

I had a picture of the card for you but again, someone else is enjoying that right now.

The kids all had a great time at my friend Judi's house and they made a sweet little book of all of their fun days.

Since we have been home our days have been filled with running, running, and more running. I hope to get settled down by next week and send out some much needed emails, thank you cards and letters. Daniel will be gone all next week to Jr. High Camp then after that he has some vacation time.

As for Daniel, he is doing good... just busy, busy. Ministry is going well with students and parents and he started school yesterday. It's 10:08pm and he is out with a friend/youth parent and student moving our stuff into storage. God Bless our friend Rick, he is such a blessing.

Well, that is a pretty random post full of a bunch of nothing (well, except for grammatical errors :-) but at least it catches you up.

I can't do a post without some sort of picture; so I'll leave you with this one from a silly day at Krispy Kreme Donuts not too long ago.

Good Night!

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  1. Oh Katie - I'm thinkin' we need to go to lunch soon. Praying for you sweet sister.

    Many HUGS and heartfelt prayers - Teri


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