Saturday, July 12, 2008


Can you hear that sound in your mind? Yep, it is the sound of a huge bus backing up! Welcome to the ever changing Gibson life.

Remember my post about our cutsie little rental house? Yep, never mind.

I must say that writing that post was a hard thing to do because part of me just knew it wouldn't be happening... you know that weird feeling? But I felt it only fair to give everyone an update on where we were. I should have known better.

God is ever so amazing! He just keeps reminding us that we are in a season of waiting on Him. We are in the wilderness, waiting. We are learning to just sit back, watch him work and quit trying to make sense of it all because just when we think we understand... it takes on a whole new meaning.

So... I know, I know, get to the point, right? :-)

We started today putting our stuff into storage here in Nixa and we are going to be living with a family from church. They have very kindly offered us their basement and full run of the house. We are just going to be one happy family until around the end of August beginning of September. They are lovely people and we are looking forward to many long nights of great conversations (overlooking their great property view) and maybe kicking some serious booty on some board games :-)

Other than all that craziness we have been having some wonderful days. Last night we went to a fun swim party for a little girl at our church. Our whole family went and had a great time swimming. Today we had another fun birthday party and Daniel helped some people move. I hope to be able to catch you up on all of our Glorious Fun during our relaxing break coming up in August.

Next week the 14-19th Daniel and I will be gone to Carbondale IL for Christ In Youth MOVE Sr. High event. The kids will be with my sweet friend Judi. She is COMING to pick them up and she's BRINGING them home when we return! (It's a 1 1/2 hour drive one way) Our kids plus her kids will equal 7 kiddos for the week. Her husband is also a youth minister so I know he is just as busy as Daniel due to the summer season and probably won't be home much. Judi is the best example of someone who loves people. I am so blessed to know her and be encouraged by her.

Well, I must leave you with a picture right? hmmm, you can never go wrong with this little guy...

He is sleeping so peaceful right now as the rain trickles on our roof. Deep breath in, and out... we are so blessed.

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  1. well, i guess i'll have to visit during fall break then, huh? you should myspace me and tell me what happened.


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