Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Drumroll Please...

Yep, there it is. Our new home... well, in two weeks. We will just be renting for now. I use to think that you weren't a real adult unless you bought a house. Well, since then I have became a real adult and not to mention purchased three homes and sold three homes and I think now realize I can still be an adult in someone else's house :-)

So here is a little peek into the fun ahead...

Our beautiful clothes will dry in God's creation here.

Much reading will take place in this tree by my Alli :-)

And... Judah is looking forward to getting to know the neighbor's dog better.

This house is cheaper than our house payment was, closer to the church, bigger, it has mature trees in a mature neighborhood which I consider a huge plus! AND if we decide we want to buy it, he's totally wanting to sell it to us so we could just make an offer. Yippe for us! We will now have two whole living areas (I feel so special!) getting closer to the church and more space for people to come over was our original reason to sell our current home. So, we have been blessed with all we need for now. So if ya want, come make yourself at home! Except for the middle of August; Audrey already called that week :-) But if ya really wanna come, we'll totally squeeze ya in.

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