Monday, July 7, 2008

Another Reason to Smile

I think it's a safe thing to say that I'm a pretty joyful person. I think I'm typically happy. I like what my little friend Carly Wingert says "why waste time being mad when you can just choose to be happy :)"

I am not one of those people who say "I'm fine or I'm good, etc" when you ask how I am and I'm not real well. I think that is a lie when people do that. If you ever ask how I am and I say "I'm ok" that usually means... 'I've had better days; but it could be worse.' But usually I will respond with an "I'm great, how are you" or "I'm wonderful", because most of my days are joyful, thanks to God.

ANYWAY I don't know how I got off onto that subject.

Obviously the title of this post is Another Reason to Smile; NOT Get to Know Kati 101. :-) On to the original reason for this entry...

I have felt a little bit like a Jr. Higher this week because I have been so giddy. Why have I been giddy you ask? Because of this:

Do you see that smile? Yes, I have my braces off!!! I feel like an adult again and I just can't stop showing off the joy I have in those pearly whites.

Now, obviously I am not one to typically be excited about such unimportant things as having crooked teeth fixed but there is so much more to the story.

Long story short: Single mom, extremely poor, no dental insurance, no dental work...period. But now I have a beautiful smile and I am able to actually floss between my teeth!! No more bad headaches from crowding and no more cavities from being unable to get floss between the teeth (the floss ALWAYS broke). Do you floss? You should, it is so fun when the floss doesn't break all the time!!

Anyways... I'm all better now. Permanent retainer on bottom and regular retainer on top.

And, It's all thanks to my Dad! A few years back my dad and I met for the first time in 13 years. Shortly after that he found out that I needed some serious dental work and insisted he pay for the work needed. Yep, it's absolutely crazy! But I sure did appreciate it. He wasn't around while I was growing up or becoming a woman but now each time I see my smile I have something to thank him for :-)

Thanks Dad!


  1. Dear sweet Kati! I love your beautiful smile with or without braces, but how wonderful to have them off! BEAUTIFUL!! I missed you tonight at Bible study, but LOVED your raspberry lemonade. (I managed to sneak a second glass!) Thanks and have a blessed week!

  2. man, i went back and read all the posts i hadn't been reading. i totally forgot about this blog!! also, my life decisions change about every ten minutes. i'll have to fill you in on my newest idea when i come visit you guys. hah. it includes teeth!!!


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