Friday, June 20, 2008

Daniel Moves Out...

Caught ya with that title, huh!

Most of you who read this, I'm sure, know my husband is a 'Youth Minister'. (I don't really like that title since all Christ followers are called to be ministers and some people think the title means Daniel is set apart or "more special" but he is a teacher of God's word and he works for the church in that position, so that is what we will say) That is probably a post for another day. :-)


Being the YM at our church requires his residency to be moved here for the next two weeks:

No, it really isn't that bad. Last year however, seemed like a wreck because we had just moved here and Daniel had no idea what he was doing; not to mention we had a really bad firework representative. This year Daniel was able to plan ahead and seek out other options. He found a GREAT guy to go with. He also has one year of it under his belt and a team of great students and parents ready to help so I think this year will be a lot better.

But no matter how good the Firework guy is or how good Daniel plans, he will be gone a lot for the next two weeks. We kicked it off today by taking him lunch and helping out, it was a lot of fun. Daniel took a break and we all ate lunch together:

Then I stuck around to try and help with the set up process. My dear husband who is usually not a control freak what so ever... (that's usually me) was totally freaking out with control issues so I thought it only healthy for me and the kiddos leave because I think he didn't appreciate my little jokes ;-)

I have no idea who in the world took this picture but here is my friend Kendra and I setting up some stuff: (I am so glad I can call Kendra friend.)

Yep, that is me on the right. I was obviously not planning on being in any pictures, I looked totally trashy but that's ok because we had fun making fun of Daniel :o)

We are really lucky to have this fundraiser for the students and they all do a good job working at it. If it weren't for this fundraiser most of the students families couldn't afford to send their kids to camp, especially families with multiple students. This way each student is able to work 3 or 4 shifts and they have a big portion paid for.

I plan to get a lot of stuff done around the house while Daniel is gone for the next two weeks so that will be nice. (We have a sick obsession with each other... when we are apart we actually get stuff done! :-) Hey, it could be a lot worse.


  1. Hey! What did you think of my shameless plug on SWMOHE. We plan to tell everyone to stop by. Hope it works!

  2. I thought that was a very wonderful surprise, thanks Teri!

  3. ok kati, i just feel so well, prideful that you are my friend or umm that i am your it so right...Stink, Gods wisdom and ways are so sweeet!!! just dont get to your blog enough!! but today i did and what a sweet lil laugh and ahhh i enjoyed!!!kellan wants on ....bye. jude


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