Thursday, June 19, 2008


He discovered the switch...

... and I captured it all. I thank God that I did.

I know it seems so simple but one day he will walk by that switch, flip it on and keep on walking; never thinking a thing about it.

It is the simple things in life that we need to spend more time thinking about. Why do so many people let the little things steal their Joy? So many times the enemy tries to fill our minds with evil thoughts. Often times we dwell on such negative things that we forget to find the simple Joys that fill our days.

I am so glad that God has given me the opportunity to behold his glory each day. My eyes can see his creation, my hands can touch and guide my little children, my ears can hear their calls. My lips can kiss my husband goodbye each day, and thank the Lord, kiss him 'welcome home' so far each day. My mind is well and I can worship my God all day long, my voice is strong and I can sing praises to Him, my legs can stand and I can dance for joy in my living room. There are so many reasons to be glad.

I am so thankful that the Joy of the Lord is my strength! I pray I am always able to stop and discover my joys like Judah discovered that switch. I do not want to be someone who gets so wrapped up in the little distractions of life that I forget to REJOICE!

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  1. Thanks Kati for this post! I needed it! I love seeing pics of your little cuties!! Have a great weekend:-)


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