Sunday, March 28, 2010

The End.

"After much discussion, contemplation, and prayer it is with deep regret that the Elders of Countryside Christian Church must announce the dismissal of Daniel Gibson as Youth Minister. Over the course of the last year is has become clear that Daniel's vision of the Youth Ministry of this Church does not align with that of the Leadership or the Pastor. We would be remiss to allow the misalignment of visions that currently exist to continue. The Elders of this Church are committed to instilling the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the hearts and minds of the Youth of this Church while at the same time molding their character. Daniel Gibson is a Godly man and we encourage you to support him and his family with cards and prayers. We wish him and his family well.

To ensure the various summer youth activities continue without interruption, we will immediately begin the search for a new Youth Minister. This process will be through and our progress will be communicated to the congregation. In the interim we are asking the congregation to lend additional support to the Youth Ministry of this Church.

God is doing great things here at Countryside and in order to succeed in our mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ we must have a Youth Program that matches the strength of our other ministries. If you have any questions or concerns about this course of action I ask that you contact your Shepherding Elder via the information on the back of the bulletin. Pray with me now that God will guide us in our search and that we continue to do his will.

Let us pray.

I am not a ministers wife today. I am, me.

Nobody has to be right, nobody has to be wrong. In the grand scheme of things in this hurting world, this is of the least.

Now, don't get me wrong. Finding out on a Tuesday and having to wait until Sunday to share with people you love is deafening. To honor the request of silence while sitting back just to see all of the failed friendships, hurtful actions, and broken truths take place, is a very hard thing to do. In silence. But it is OK.

It is OK.

It's OK because time and time again I am reminded that God is a God of healing.

Time and time again I find, silence heals. Time heals. There is a time for community, but when that is forbidden, God is who is there. Like the gentle whisper on the mountain side.

To those of you who are feeling left, like we didn't care enough to come to you, we are sorry. For those of you who feel like we could have at least come to say goodbye, we were not allowed, I am sorry. I don't know what else to say but I'm sorry. To those of you who feel like it was just a job and all for nothing, hopefully our actions proved differently and if they didn't we are so sorry.

That's all, just truly sorry that we failed in someway or proved unintentional.

God loves and I am so glad he does because He is the only one who knows true intentions of our hearts. We can all only pray that our intentions are true and lasting in all situations.

That is all I know to say.

Today, I am loved. Today I am not in trouble, today I am not yet another failure, not meeting someones unreachable expectations, but today and always I am loved by one who is loving and forgiving.


Isn't it so sad to know, especially at this time of year.

He lived (with more purpose than any of us will ever know)

He died.

He was Blameless.

Nobody is Blameless, only he. and he took it all, without one unkind word, without one hateful thought or motive.

Only with Grace.

Oh, the beauty.

The End