Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We're Home! It Was So Great!

Well, we're home! I thought camp was until Thursday, it was actually until Wednesday. Good for us, we had a ton on things to do here to catch up.

Upon returning home, the garden looked like a wild jungle, the yard green like spring! The rains have been very good to us. Tomatoes are turning red, okra is still putting out, and we enjoyed our first cantaloupe of the season today! Finally, fruits of our labor. There were plenty of zinnias for a fresh flower bouquet on our kitchen table tonight at dinner. *sigh*

We had a FANTASTIC, AMAZING, UNFORGETTABLE time at camp! Seriously, this is a top of the line place. Not fancy, and such; just seriously staff led, people lovin' , God  loving, wanna serve ya to the fullest, be like Jesus kind of place. They were so great.

Here is how it would work:
We'd wake up and have breakfast, 8:00am. After breakfast, we'd have two hours of learning initiatives, (remember, homeschool camp) We had six initiatives total. The ones we chose were:

primitive fire building
horse sense
rope making
target shooting
fossils (little ones) horse trail rides (Daniel and Alli) 

Every initiative would have spiritual teaching to go along with it. So great. They would just slip it in there without it being a big deal, yet planting little seeds in our little peoples hearts. 

They had nursery for two and under during those times, so helpful. I'm not big on nursery stuff, but this was so helpful; especially since we where shooting guns, making fire, and playing with bow and arrows ; )

alli and daniel were able to go on a trail ride, the other children were too young, I did fossils with them instead.


rope making with two other families

jump roping with the rope we made.

a little gun shooting ; )

I'll have you know, I shot the best out of our whole group, twice. I even beat Daniel both times. Oh, yeah... I'm a natural.

After learning initatives, it was time for lunch, 12:00. After lunch, it was free time. During free time, you had the choice of SEVERAL activities.

ropes corse
zip line
creek play
bugie jumping type things
tight ropes
rock climbing
and much more.

I totally zip lined! No big deal really, considering, my girls did everything known to man! They were trying to kill themselves, I think. Either that, or kill me by way of  heart attack.

that is me up there! second from the left, scared out of my mind!
 It was so great though. Do you know how much it cost to zip line? Yeah! There was no way I was going to pass up this deal. It was totally free at our camp. Everything was, we had to take advantage of it. Now, my girls going upside-down? Hmmm, I don't know about that; but they did it anyway. =)

That video is Jordan. She is sort of in the middle; dark blue shirt and yellow hat. She throws out a peace sign at the end.  ; ) Cute Jordi-Pie.

You can go HERE to see Alli. She is the one in pink. Every time you see a girl in the zip line in a pink shirt, that is her. They were camera happy with her. ;) She's such a brave soul. Speaking of brave souls, if you scroll towards the end of the pictures,  (on that link) you will see me on the zip line, hands off, being silly. I was so brave. I tell my kids all the time... "I'm such a cool mom." They don't think cool moms say that. = (

After fun time, it was dinner time. After dinner was family worship and teaching. After worship was fun time. They would have a hay ride, pool party, organized game, etc. A little bit of something for everyone. I usually headed back to the cabin to sleep with Emmyn. One night, Alli and I did some goofy stuff with the camera while Emmyn slept. 

starting out normal

I said, "let's be silly"

Alli said, "let's be snobby" she couldn't hang. =)

then we thought we'd do a  little teenager move. =)
It was so nice, being there. It was like a little peace of heaven for a few days. The kids felt normal. Everyone got a long, there were no clicks, no adult clicks or kid clicks. Everyone dressed appropriately, they all giggled like little children and the parents encouraged one another, some in word, others in deed. When worship time came, the voices filled the little chapel. It wasn't anything fancy or a big show. Just simple and good. It was a very nice change of pace.

All in all, it was such a great tip. We've already planned to start saving for next year and just so you know... I think you should too ; )

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