Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just A Day In Pictures.

Two girls LOVING the new clothes someone brought to our house today. What a blessing their overflow was in our lives today. Their twins had outgrown TWO BIG BOXES of name brand, modest, beautiful clothes.

It made our girls' day.

A little boy saying "My turn mommy, my turn. " "Ok, honey... say cheese..."


A garden with chickens we love to watch.

Seeing God's hand at work. Cucumbers to harvest.

Tomatoes we are anxiously awaiting to enjoy.

The fresh basil I love.

Wonderful flowers that help fill our home with beauty,

and our yard with joy.

A little girl and cucumbers.

A little girl's first time to do a little part of daddy's job on the fourth of July.

A little boy and his father playing a sweet little game.

A big sister to plug a little brothers ears while watching lights in the sky.

Simple little pleasures to enjoy once a year.

A momma sitting to enjoy it all.

Just a simple day in pictures.

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  1. I feel like I was there! Wish I were. Yesterday Poppa and I went looking for green tomatoes. They are sooooooo good fried. Our friend Bob, the farmer, said he would have some on Tuesday. Hope to see you guys before too long.
    Love and miss you.
    nana m


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