Sunday, July 12, 2009

Maurice Bradley... the name of a guy I picked up the other day. Normally, I don't mention the people I help but this guy had a great story to be shared. Well, they all have a great story... this man's just so happened to also be on the internet. He had just been released from the Christian County Jail and was headed to Springfield to catch a bus home to St. Louis. While driving he shared his life with me and told me about this video he had made to help bring awareness of the effects of heroin.

He is the one talking on the clip. It's great to see he is trying to make a difference. If you have Netflix, you should rent it. You could also pray for Maurice, that he would continue to make good choices, giving God the glory.

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  1. This is a neat story, Kati. Curious, though. You said he had just gotten out of prison. Did he do the film before he was in jail or while he was in?

  2. Before, like way before. He was in the CC jail for one week, on a warrant for his arrest in St. Louis. He was wanted for questioning of a murder... nice =)

    His brother had just died here in Ozark of a sudden heart attack and when he went to his brothers house the girlfriend called the police they came and arrested him.

    After he went to court he was released on bond.


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