Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It Rained Last Week

We had a rainy day last week and it was just what I needed.

Don't get me wrong, I am a get up and go have summer fun kind of gal. We've been swimming more times than I can count this summer, had several picnics, ran and played outside until the kids (and I) were ready to fall over. But, sometimes it is hard to know when to simply, pause.

Pause, and enjoy.

This day brought such a blessing.

With only days left before the new baby comes it seems we have all been busy getting ready and staying on top of things just in case she comes as a surprise like our Judah did. When Judah was born we were having our kitchen floors redone so all of our kitchen appliances and laundry appliances were in the living room, not a friendly welcome home after a new baby =) Oh, indeed it could have been much worse. We were in fact coming home with a new baby which is a blessing in itself but this time we are just trying to stay of top of it all so coming home can be a bit more peaceful.

So when the rainy day came, it was a gentle reminder to stop and enjoy. The night was a wonderful nights sleep with the pitter patter of rain, and brought a slow and quiet morning. The children and I, after breakfast, did some school work and then sat for some coffee at the kitchen table reading. The kids love coffee and books so it was a great combo.

Alli read her Bible to us.

Then we read one of my very favorite books:

It is a wonderful book, I truly cherish. You should check it out from your local library.

Of course, one thing led to another as they always do during our days. Alli decided to do a time line of all Adam's decedents because she thought it was so neat that Noah was a close descendant of Adam.

Jordan wanted to draw a sunny garden since it was a rainy day.

And Judah wanted to do whatever everyone else was doing =) With great focus, of course.

As for me, I just sat and enjoyed it all. Sipping my coffee, thanking the Lord, who is so good in all things.

And the school room sat silent and still while we enjoyed fellowship around the table.

I'm glad it rained last week.

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