Monday, December 1, 2008

What I Did Today

Ok, that is such a plain title, I am really disappointed in myself.

Anyway, on with the show =)

I was just sitting here stretched out on the sofa, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, sipping coffee and reading the sweet goodness of God's word.

After reading I just sat here, listening to Christmas music in the background and I started thinking of all the things I did today. It never ceases to amaze me how many little things go on during a day.

Here is what I did:
--Cooked breakfast
--Played in the snow with the family before Daddy went to work
--Made cocoa with the kids to take to Daddy's work, since he didn't have time to have it after our fun in the snow
--Changed poop diaper #1
--Did a quick pick up of the house with the kids
--Delivered cocoa
--Changed poop diaper #2
--Cried my little eyes out to my friend Kendra
--Ran errands
--Came home, we had school time; Judah took a short nap
--Made lunch
--Changed poop diaper #3
--Changed poop diaper #4 (yes, I am totally serious)
--Cleaned up Judah's spilled plate off the floor
--Read during lunch
--Cleaned up the little ones and put them at the table for some table work with books and blocks while Alli and I cleaned up the kitchen. (she is such a helper)
--Cleaned up the mess of oatmeal and hot water splattered all under the sink because the pipe let it out for some reason??? I don't know what is up with that
--Played individually with Judah in his room while the girls played at the table
--Changed poop diaper #5
--Did school work with the kids in the school room, and folded laundry
--Put Jordan down for a nap
--Read with Alli
--Did puzzles with Judah
--Wrote an encouraging letter to a struggling momma
--Learned facts about Oklahoma and Missouri with Alli
--Made popcorn with Alli and Judah
--Read again
--Changed poop diaper #6
--Put Judah down for another short nap
--Jordan woke up, we read a book
--Baked 3 1/2 dozen cookies
--Served dinner to my family
--Went to a cookie exchange with ladies from church
--Made a stop at Wal-Mart with friends
--Had a mid 20's crisis and dyed my hair (it's super cute if I do say so myself) =)
--Cleaned up the house for company tomorrow
--Got stuff ready for company lunch
--Started a load of laundry
--Read on the couch, sipping coffee.

It's good to see it all spelled out.

So many people would die to do the things I do each day. I don't know why I am so blessed, it just blows my mind.

I hope your day was a great as mine, minus the 6 poopie diapers. =)



  1. Good Lord, what are you feeding that kid?

  2. First of all, I was just thinking on the way home about how I needed to do a post JUST like this one! Great minds think alike! It is so amazing how much we moms do in a day. However, I often go to bed worrying about what I didn't get done!

    Second, 6 poopy diapers!! Judah and Cohen would make quite a pair!

  3. You're tellin' me! He is a poopin' machine lately.


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