Friday, August 19, 2011

Well, Because We're Crazy: Here is an Exciting Announcement!

When they sat down at our lunch table during camp and asked if we'd ever thought about being  foreign exchange "parents" we never would have dreamed he'd be living in our home less than two weeks later. 


So this morning when I received the email that read:

"The school has everything now except for an updated transcript.  The placement has been confirmed so now we are waiting for Taiwan to finish their paperwork and give us a travel date!" tummy did a little nervous sick feeling, like I was jumping off a bridge or something. A feeling I've had lots of times considering any time God does something in our lives, it is SUPER quick. We usually look back and say, "Who would have thought..."

I just keep thinking about how we almost didn't go to camp and how I almost didn't go to the mom meeting at camp where the lady met me and thought "Hey, they would be a great host home." and then I think about how I prayed and prayed God would bring something more than just a fun family time out of that trip to camp. So, I have to just rest in knowing, "He knew all along." 

Something He keeps reminding me. 

When I pictured my life, a few years ago... it looked nothing like it does today. But God could see it all and one can only hope, having surrendered my life to Him, He prepares me for each step I take every day. 

So, this step takes me into the school I just left ten years ago and enroll him into classes. I'll become a "mom" to a High School Boy from Taiwan. He'll share our rules and be introduced to our values. We'll stumble through language barriers and math problems. Kind of exciting, acutally really exciting. 

This morning, when I told Alli it was a done deal, she said, "What about Grandma, what will she say... you know mom sometimes she says things that aren't really nice." I said, "Grandma?"  "I'm not worried about Grandma, what if he doesn't like us?" 

Alli said, "Yeah we are a pretty crazy family." =) 

Be parying for us, that we'll be a good home for him. That God has a bigger plan than just him learning about America. Pray we can honor his family by doing a good job and making it the best experience possible. During their free time at his home, they mountain bike up the mountains in Taiwan. Ummmm, yeah... not so much here. =)

We need to get a bunk bed, twin over full; among other things, that is the most important. If you know of anyone who has a good wooden one for sale, we sure could use it... we've been looking and looking and looking with no luck. All three girls already share a room and they have a twin over twin, Jordan and Emmyn on bottom. We've been looking for a twin over full for the girls room and we'll put the twin over twin in Judah's room. Well, now we need to get it within the next few days.

I'm always a little fearful to share announcements like this. We'll see, you never know... it could fall through but I suppose we need to get ready! 

Thanks for praying, it's not a big deal but something we're new at so prayers are appreciated. 


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