Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Favorite Places.

Monday was a peaceful, cloudy, day. So, the kids and I packed a lunch and headed to the spring.

The spring is one of our favorite places.

After a sweet lunch by the water, we headed out to explore and enjoy God's beauty. I can't think of a better art lesson.

Alli followed a flower down the running water...

Jordan stopped for a picture... "Take a picture of me momma"

The children paused to feel the cool water on their toes and throw stones...

... while I sat in this lovely place and read.

And when it was time to go Judah left, yet again, a dirty boy...

It was a perfect afternoon.



  1. Next time I want to go too! Your pictures are awesome. I love the one of the gate. I may need to have some of those pictures for my house.

  2. Hey!! Love it! Can't wait to go check it out! I just started a blog. I am going to need help on what to do!! LOL.


  3. Kati: May I invite myself the next time you go? Looks so peaceful and refreshing!!! I miss you!!!

  4. I recently found your blog and have really enjoyed it. Where is the spring? Is it open to the public? We are a homeschooling family in Ozark. Thanks!


  5. Sabrina,

    Yes! It is located in Ozark. Email me at and I'll give you directions from wherever you are coming from. =) You will love it!

    Thanks for asking.

  6. "Matt" =)

    I am calling you next time!


    I will totally print you out some of the pics. =)


    I'm heading over to your blog soon! How fun!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your pictures are beautiful and look so serene. Yes, we have a Judah and I know one other family that has one too! Not very common but I love it!


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