Friday, May 1, 2009

I Bet You Never Knew...

...math could be taught using shoes, bananas, tops of strawberries, and a butter dish.

Well, neither did I.

These kids always amaze me.

The other day they were saying "Dad, we love Friday's because we almost never do school." (it's his day off) He replied "Yes, you do." The kids said, "We do?"

Well, today is Friday. When we got home from a fun trip to Krispy Kreme donuts, grocery shopping, and the book store the kids scattered. I was in the kitchen washing fruit, Daniel was at the table paying bills. I stopped and listened.

Jordan was at the counter playing working a difficult puzzle, Judah was napping, and Alli was somewhere reading. =) The house was quiet.

I told Daniel "It is so funny they think they don't do school on Fridays" ;-)

Learning is fun and they consider it play. Natural, how wonderful!

Well, I'd better go, Alli needs me to pass the leftover bread crust so they can add it to their math collection.


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