Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rambling Randomness

Is that even a correct phrase? Oh well, it is now = )

Another busy week here in the Gibson home! Yesterday was absolutely beautiful outside. Daniel and I started it out with an early morning walk around the hill while the kids slept, that was so wonderful. I absolutely love morning walks. I am so very happy the weather is getting warmer so I can get back outside early enough to hear the birds chirping and sun rising. It's a great way to clear your mind before a busy day.

Since the weather was so beautiful, the kids and I were outside all day long yesterday. It is amazing how clean your house stays when you are outside. =) We raked leaves, worked on things for the garden, worked on a rock project we have going on in the front, planned a sand box, trimmed trees, and played lots of games. The two little neighbor kids came over and roasted mini marshmallows with us. We had to do mini marshmallows because one of the neighborhood dog, Boomer,  strolled though and stole our big bag of marshmallows while we were inside getting the picnic blanket. =( 

Week three of Eleos was great, we had chili with all the fixin's, cake, and fresh fruit. This week the kids colored pictures for some of the people we've had since week one. They really enjoyed the pictures. It gets more and more fun each week. Now some of them have the door open and ready for us, others are sitting waiting in their wheelchair at the glass door. There are a couple who have had a stroke, they sit in their sun room looking outside. There is one lady, Mrs. Gretta, the first week, she met us at the road said she was afraid we might have poisoned the food. This last week, she let us on the porch, maybe next week she'll let us put it on her counter ; )

I spent all morning Friday going around town getting things ready for the upcoming Free Family Breakfast on April 16th and the Free Community Exchange on May 7th. I must say, I'm jumping with excitement every time I think of Eleos. I just can't beleive it's all working. I can't beleive God is opening up doors for us to love on people without working in a church. I know it seems silly but it's harder than it looks to be in peoples lives without the title of Minister. However, God is blessing it and we are thankful. In fact, with the growing number of meals on Thursday we are extending the time for deliveries. This week we will be delivering 11:30-1:00 instead of 12:00-1:00. Someone asked me the other day if Daniel is with us when we deliver. No, he is working on that day but he is the supporter of our family so he better keep working so we can even do Eleos ; ) But, he helps with shopping, planning, working on broken things for cute little old people, and on Thursday nights it is always great when he gathers the kids around and asks how Eleos went that day. I am blessed to have a man who supports my craziness.

After running around town on Friday morning we had a field trip with our new co-op to the Tulsa Zoo. It was a nice day. I've decided the zoo is a funny thing. I think I have 10 pictures of the same turtle from that zoo. Pretty much, the only thing that changes in most zoo pictures... are the pictures of my own little monkeys.  They are always a year older, growing so fast. 

Writing in their trip journals. Proof that every now and then, we do actually school. =)
Um, Yeah, I don't really know. But at least my eyes were still on the road and I'm in a picture.
Everyone before they were dirty, stinky, and wind blown ; )
The penguins were so sweet. OK, I know that eye is creepy... but seriously, they were sweet.

Judah was so excited, this little penguin just stayed there forever. 
Yep, she steals my heart.
This goat couldn't get enough lovin'.
This was very special because the last time we took a picture with these monkeys, there was only Alli.
By the end, my two littlest monkeys were all monkeyed out.

I think Daniel is about ready to go crazy with all of my spring cleaning. I had to have a garage intervention the other night. To be honest, I truly beleive a garage, even in all it's manliness, should have ribbons and bows on the sorting baskets, don't you? *sigh* He didn't buy it. However, I am going to submit an application to A&E's hoarding show if he brings home one more bag of needless junk from the shop. He's killing me! = /He's like this whole new man, always fixing things. It's so crazy to see our new rolls. It blows my mind! He's like brain surgeon turned dentist, two totally different rolls.

Messy garage and all, he did buy me my first little bird bath! I can't beleive it, I feel like a real mom. I saw it sitting there, only $14 lonely dollars. The smallest and cheapest one at Wal-Mart, (they saw me coming.) When I laid eyes on it I said, "Oh, honey, I reeeeeaaaaalllly want it..." =) 

He bought it.  I was so happy. 

I think we are going to take our very first Spring Break this year. We've never done that before.  For some reason, doing nothing for one week and it being OK makes me a little excited this year. I think it's the spring cleaning thing.  So, starting tomorrow, we are going to wear PJ's until noon and just do whatever comes our way. The kids and I threw around the idea of putting posters all over the house saying, "We're on Spring Break!" We'll see ; )

Here at the Gibson home we're rejoicing! Emmyn's little willful spirit is doing so much better! Thank you to whoever prayed for her! The fact that she has three new teeth might have something to do with it, but I am giving all the glory to God because it all happened when we finally started to ask for help! (Why do we always wait so long?)

Found a candy wrapper in the sofa the other night, made me miss Wednesday night movie night with high school students. Happy memories of car loads driving over after Wednesday night church crashing our living room; leaving their candy wrappers all over the place. That memory made me smile. = )  

A sweet friend, Michelle, let her little girl, Corina send our little Judah a text message last night saying she missed him. (In three year old language.... =) Made me smile. I am always thinking about our co-op in MO and praising God it came when it did. I don't know what in the world we would have done without those great relationships during our last months in MO.

However, our new little co-op is going well and I'm anxious to see how God uses it in our lives. We live far from there but that is the case with all things now, so we have to just make the best of it and know that it's the way it has to be ; ) After only being to one co-op I branched out and went to a MNO. I KNOW, totally crazy and unlike me. I think I am just coming out of my little shell. I think I might have even cracked a few jokes ; )

Photo by Jennifer W.
Well, it was a very fun time. We had a crock-pot night and exchanged recipes.  As I walked up to the door with my oven-mit and crock pot I thought to myself, "I cannot beleive this is my life, I'm holding a crock pot." Well, don't be fooled, us moms know how to have a wild good time! Ha! We made these sweet little books and put all the recipes inside. WHY DIDN'T I EVER THINK OF THAT? I went grocery shopping the next day, cookbook in hand. Christy, from momof2girlygirlz (the american girl momma) has posted some of the recipes HERE. You must check them out, they're so great! Especially if you find yourself in a pinch. And the great thing about crockpot recipes is you can substitute and experiment. We love to crock pot things, creates peace at the table after a long day.

Well, I suppose that about wraps up our week here at the Gibson home. The rain is trickling outside and my man just came in from the garage. =) I suppose we'll sip coffee and chat.

Happy Monday, Mommas!


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  1. How funny! I came across your blog, and have been reading every article, from the most recent until this one, and I kept thinking "I wonder where this girl lives, she kinda looks familiar!?!?" Then I saw the crockpot party pic, lol!! I'm Cari, the one who came up with the "what-a-crock" party idea. Now I remember you!!
    Well, I love your blog and will be adding it to my blogroll list! Looks like your kids are very blessed to have you for their Momma! Keep it up! Hopefully we will meet again! And I'm glad you liked the party and the recipes!

    Cari, (which is a little bare lately due to us building a house :-)


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