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Help a Gram Out!

One of the main reasons for Eleos is getting to know people. Getting involved in their lives. Letting them know there are people who care about them. No matter what stage they are in life. Widow or newly married; young or old. 

Most of you know our hearts, I shared a little in the post A Snow Date that we are ready to take on the whole world, big or small. =) But something we are really praying Eleos will be is a community builder. An avenue where people can come and say, "Hey, where is there a need?" Then eventually, we pray people will begin to see the need themselves and start to just naturally love on people. People they would normally think someone else is taking care of. It can be just reading a book with someone or taking a young mom grocery shopping.

That is the main problem with life outside of the church walls and in small communities, the need is obvious but you don't know how to help or where to even start.  Hopefully, having this avenue people can use their talents and an overflow of God's love and grace to impact a life and show them the Fathers never ending love for His children. No matter how old they are or what they have done. 

The church has a good reputation. EVERYONE asks, "Why are you doing this? Are you a church? Are you with a church?" When we say no, they are always puzzled. 

However, there is a flip side to that reputation. Some of these people feel forgotten about, they are lonely and the only encouragement they get is from the TV Preachers. So, in that way, the church kind of has a bad reputation. A reputation of "If I can't get to the building, I don't belong. " 

However, we have worked in the church. With all the scheduling demands, planning, and mentoring to be done within the church walls; the pastors cannot be the only ones left to care for the community as well. It is all of our jobs, both church staff and members, Christians, and non-Christians; Jews and Buddhists jobs to take care of the people around us. For us Christians, it's because we have no other choice, God's love oozes out of us and we just can't wait to share it with others! For people of other religions and beliefs, it is because we all know it's the right thing to do. There is just a (God given) drive within us to help others.

There are two things we are branching out and starting with Eleos: 

Gram Has a Need! Is a program we are starting where you can get involved with what people need. There have been some needs come up and we've been ready and willing to take care of . But then there are people saying, "Let us know if there is anything you need help with." Well, we can't have everyone over cooking Thursday morning in my long narrow kitchen, that would be chaos. =) And unless you would like to caravan with us to deliver, you really can't do that either. (Although as it grows we are praying God would supply delivery people if needed) BUT as people come with needs and as we have Community Helps like the Free Family Breakfast and Community Share, there are opportunities others can jump in and help, hopefully locally and abroad.

Our first need is: Mrs. Wilma.

I will never forget the first talk I had with Mrs. Wilma on the telephone. She was such a sweetie, talked, talked, talked, talked! Then that week when we came to visit her, she was just the happiest little person in the world! Her granddaughter was there visiting for the afternoon and you could tell, she was full of joy. Mrs. Wilma uses a wheel chair all day and is legally blind but it didn't seem to bother her one bit. 

When I was talking with her on the phone I told her if she needed anything repaired Daniel would love to come take a look at it. She mentioned to me her bathroom scale was broken and she missed it because it would "tell" her her weight audibly since she couldn't see it. So, the first week I went there, she gave me the scale to bring home and have Daniel take a look at it. Well, the wire that connected the battery was broken so I returned it to her the following week with the report that it was broken. Except this week, Wilma wasn't the same Wilma I had met prior. She wasn't the Wilma from the phone. Today she was alone and scared. 

I asked her, "Wilma, what is wrong today? You seem sad." Then she shared with us that she had to go see the doctor because her blood sugar was really high and she hates going to the doctor because she says, "You never know what kind of bad news you're going to come home with." Her eyes filled up with tears and then she started talking about how Big God is and how He always takes care of her. I prayed with her, it was a real blessing for both the kids and I to be able to pray with Mrs. Wilma that day. 

Well, after that I broke the news to her that her scale was broken for good but told her we were going to get her another one. Of course she said, "No, you're not." =) At which I replied, "Oh, Mrs. Wilma, Yes, we are!" She giggled. =) 

So, this is how people can get involved. When we post the picture, Gram Has a Need, we'll have a story of how you can get involved in helping someone. You don't have to help, it makes no difference at all to us. We are trusting God is going to provide no matter what. BUT we also don't want to be a "One Man Band, The Daniel and Kati Show" either. We want to at least show the need to who ever and then if someone feels the calling to help, they can. 

So, here's the official post: 

UPDATE 3/15/2011

That's Right! Mrs. Wilma's need is
taken care of!

A great idea came in this morning by the person who cared for Mrs. Wilma... If you would like to be notified of needs in the future; you can leave a comment telling us, email us, or subscribe to Our Glorious Days. We'll make sure you know!  

Mrs. Wilma has a need! Since she is wheelchair bound and legally blind she needs a special bathroom scale. I don't know why Mrs. Wilma wants to know her weight, I told her, I would be scared to death if something told me my weight each day. BUT I'm not 82 years old and I've never had that ability taken from me by my age/health, so I really can't judge her request =) 

Need Info:
Gram Wilma Needs a Scale! 
Deadline: March 18th

This scale sells for $46.61 on Amazon with free shipping! 

Three Options for helping:
Purchase online, at Amazon and have it shipped to:

PO Box 274
Chelsea, OK 74016

Donate Here: 
We will purchase it and deliver it to Gram Wilma.

Or you can mail check or money order to:

PO Box 274
Chelsea, OK 74016

Lastly, if you know of a local place who sells them or can find one at a better price in a local store  or online you only need to commit to helping by the deadline.

When the need is met, we will update the post. We only have one person with a need at this time. 

Don't forget, we are NOT 501-C3, it's not tax deductible. If we purchase the item, the receipt will be mailed to you and you can use it however you'd like for bookkeeping purposes.  We'll also send a follow up on how delivery went. 

This is a little need. Easily taken care of. In the future there might be real big needs,  wheel chair ramps, something big needing repaired, etc. Needs that will take bodies, and funds.  We shall see!

Now that we've talked about how you can get involved, here is a way your whole family can get involved.....

Seriously, that picture is so stinkin' sweet! 

Adopt a Gram! Is a new program we are working on to create a pen-pal relationship with grandparents involved with Eleos. It's in the beginning works, should be up and going within the next two weeks. This week each Gram will get a survey asking about themselves. If they choose to be apart of the Adopt a Gram program then they'll be put up for "adoption" There will be very strict confidentially, no addresses exchanged, no last names, that sort of thing. But this is a way your family can love on someone through the mail. Very similar to Jonnah in Zambia whom we support through World Vision except you are not paying anything, only drawing pictures, mailing birthday cards, etc.  

When you select a Gram we will send you the general information about what they like, hobbies, a little bit about them, etc. and you can begin your pen pal journey. All letters will be sent through our PO Box that way no Grams are in danger of their information getting out there. You can send family pictures, little care packages of their favorite things, anything at all! Then they will be sending letters back to you, through us. They won't have to pay any shipping at all. We'll cover the cost. 

Ooie, Ooie! I'm so excited!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at:

If you'd like to get involved with a need, contact via email, phone or mail.

PO Box 274
Chelsea, OK 74016

(Don't forget, you can do it all too!)


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  1. Kati what a great blog! So excited to see what God has in store for you family and I feel so blessed that you joined our co-op, you are a true blessing to all that you meet.


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