Saturday, August 27, 2011

Welcome To Our Home...

Well, it's 3:00 am and I'm headed to bed, I'll be waking in about three hours to do a few things outside before we all head to the air port to pick up Angus! Believe me, I will not be as tired as he will be... he's been flying for almost 24 hours.


We have a little BBQ planned with some friends coming over, thanks to our all big and grown up (little) Audrey. She studied abroad in Italy this past year and has had so much great advice for me. My Aunt Val sent a very encouraging email with her experience, my friend Karen wrote and re-assured me we will not be teaching him math, because Asians are very proficient in Math. Thank God! I am sooo bad at math.  AND so many of you have wrote to congratulate and encourage us! Thank you! We really are excited.

Here is a little peek at his welcome packet. Our rep said we should write out rules for him so he can always refer back to them. Well, you can't have a book of just rules. So I tried to make it fun.

Oh, You should see the boy room, it's so stinkin' cute. (can I say that about a teenager boys room?) Well, it is. He has a white board, coat hooks, places for pictures, he even has his own trash can. 

I know, I'm a nerd. But, hey... I had to work some magic to fit all seven of us into this three bedroom house. =)

Magic baby, magic.

Soon, I'll do a post with some foreign exchange process questions (although we're just beginning!!)  But I've had so many. Maybe I'll just tag a few on at the end of posts...

Q1: Have we ever talked with his parents? 
A1: No, we received a letter with his packet but that has been all so far. 

Q2: Do you get paid to host a foreign exchange students.
A2: I don't know about all companies, but in this one... NO. You get a $50/per month tax break though. We are going through Forte; again, we're just starting... I'll let you know how it all goes. So far, so good though.

Yes, we will get back to life/posts as normal someday soon, sorry!


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