Saturday, December 20, 2008

She's All Grown Up

A couple of days ago we received a package in the mail.

It was from Audrey.

Audrey and I met when she was in Jr. High, she is now a Sophomore in College.

She was the first person I ever prayed with to accept Jesus. I have no idea what in the world I said during that prayer, I was scared to death. Daniel and I had only been a Christian for about one year and I had no idea "how to do it right". All I knew was I loved God and wanted other people to love him and be loved by him like I was. So outside, sitting on a big rock, she accepted the Messiah. Months later, she was the first person Daniel baptized.

And now, years later. She is making Christmas candy and sending us a package in the mail. Isn't it amazing how God works?

Many people have contributed to Audrey and her faith, not just Daniel and I. Audrey has a great friend, Ruth who prayed for Audrey everyday. Ruth challenged Audrey, held her accountable. She didn't sugar coat what it meant to be a Christan in fear of Audrey not being interested in joining the 'club'. She challenged her to struggle with what it meant to follow him, trust him, live fully for him loving him with her everything. Ruth was just a Jr. Higher too. A sassy, moody one at that =) but her heart pitter pattered for God, and still does.

God used sassy, moody pre-teen Ruth, me, a new christian struggling to figure it all out for myself, and others to impact a life. You see, you do not have to have all of the answers, you just need to have a love that is contagious.

To have people in your life who love is such a blessing. Not just loving with words but with actions, like Jesus. The day Audrey sent us that package was a hard day for me. My mom had called and she is never quite the encourager. As my mom told me what a bad daughter I was and how terrible I am for not making it down for the actual "Christmas day" but the day after, and how I had ruined her Christmas because I had not mailed her gifts, I watched my kids, playing with the puzzles Audrey had sent them with delight on their faces. I read Audrey's card while my mom yelled in my ear. And thought to myself "dwell on these things." Because I had Audrey's wonderful words to read and saw the fruits of her love on my children's faces as they played with those simple puzzles, it helped me love my mom by not being hateful back to her.

You see, years later we are both in very different stages of our life but still share such a common thread, the love of a savior and that causes us to do wonderful things.

Friends, I pray you know his love are doing wonderful things as a result.

"A friend loves at all times..."
Proverbs 17:17

I love you Audrey!

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  1. kati, this almost made me cry. i'm in new orleans right now, and it's really rough. i'm tired and sore and cranky, but this made me happier. i love you all too!!


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