Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dear Alli, Jordan, Judah, and Emmyn, Day 4...The Big Day!

Momma and Daddy on the shuttle headed to the wedding. Alli, the dress worked out great!

The beautiful center pieces on the tables. Isn't that sooooo us! Look at the jars!

Guest seating ; ) What a great idea, huh!

During the ceremony, Petra's Dad lit this candle in memory of her mother who passes away last year.

A shot of the house from a distance.

Aunt Val and I before the ceremony started.

THERE SHE IS! (Momma and Aunt Val were totally crying by this point, she looked so beautiful.)     

I took this video for my girls, I knew you'd love to see... the kiss

A picture of momma after they walked out. See my face? Yup, I'd been crying...

The beautiful cake. Daddy said it was really good.

The food, we ate Paella. It was a crazy mix of all kinds of stuff.

This is a video of momma eating something new, a muscle.  Ummmm, it was different. = ) 

Silly, Daddy.

This is Petra's Dad and Brother. Being from Austria, Petra's Dad cannot speak much English. So her brother, Sasha, translated his toast.

Everyone took pictures for Petra and Clayton with a little note on the white board. All the girl cousins got together for a silly one. It was such a hoot.

Look at TJ with her baby belly ; )

It was such a fun night. They played the "Cha-Cha" song and "Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Good Night" We thought of you crazy kids as we danced like crazy people ; ) 

I asked Daddy yesterday at the wedding if he missed the kids. He said, "Yeah." I said, what do you miss most about them? He thought for a while... then he answered, "The hugs."

Can't wait to hug you soon!

Momma and Daddy


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