Monday, June 27, 2011

Dear Alli, Jordan, Judah, and Emmyn, We're Ready!

Well, tomorrow is the day! We are ready to come home! The days are lazy here in Colorado now that the Big Day is over =) Yesterday we went out to Clayton and Petra's breakfast then walked down to a big pond to do a little floating. It was nice to sit quiet between the mountains just talking and enjoying God's creation.  Afterward, Daddy and I came back to an empty Hostel and rested a bit. 

Later that night, we went out with a group to the Hot Springs. We have never seen anything like that. We didn't have the camera but we'll tell you all about it when we get home. Last night, it was just Rick, Ginger and us here at the Hostel. We played a mean game of Pitch... it was fun! Of course, the boys won... stinky boys. 

This morning, we took Rick and Ginger to the Airport, we wished we were flying out too ; ) Can't wait to see you guys! 

We have had such a wonderful trip though; it has been something we will never forget. Clayton and Petra's wedding was so beautiful, everyone has been so generous and kind to us, and let us not forget...he mountains are such a huge testament to Gods vastness, (how big God is)! 

Something momma has been challenged this week with is, faith. God's word says we can move mountains. Well, the other day while climbing the mountain, my faith could hardly get me up the mountain let alone move it. I've been praying a lot while here, praying God would test and grow my faith. Reading 1 Samuel and sitting alone with God has been a real treasure during our time here. 

There are other things too that Daddy and I have been able to talk about while here. Things like our foods, and our habits... I know you kids always love it when we have those great Family Meetings  =) 

Well, enough about all that. We are missing you guys and can't wait to see you! Can't wait for Alli to totally tear up, can't wait for a Jordi hug; can't wait for Judah to say the word "actually", and can't wait to hear little Emmyn say, "Hi Charlie" in her sweet little voice.

Here are some pictures we've received while we've been here... it's kept us happy =)

momma trained her right, except the naked part ; )

Love this!

We suppose it's Helen Keller dress up time = )

Emmyn doing what Emmyn loves to do... wear shoes and be naked.

look at my BIG boy!

cutie pie pepper in there!

love picnics on the sidewalk, waiting to go have fun... this is SO me!

Look at my beautiful girls.

See you soon!

Momma and Daddy


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