Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dear Alli, Jordan, Judah, and Emmyn... We're Coming Home

Here we are, sitting in the Denver Airport anxiously awaiting to board the plane home. We'll be kissing your sweet cheeks so very soon... I can't wait!

By now, you're home and Nana is tucking you into bed. You're there in your beds, in our home. How blessed we are.

Tomorrow, if the Lord allows, we will celebrate being together again! We'll go shopping for Eleos and buy precious ingredients to for our Thursday lunch deliveries.  We'll go get little Jada, and look at pictures from Colorado. We'll do chores, because I'm sure there are some; and we might have to go searching for three little run away kitties. =( We'll work in the garden and play in the pool.

Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday ; )

Yesterday, the family here in Colorado surprised me with a happy birthday song, a piece of cake, and homemade ice cream. How special that was! Before we left, Aunt Vickie gave me a card that all the aunts and uncles had signed. I tell you what... it was such a special week!

But, like they say... there is no place like home and I can't wait to be there.

See you soon.

Praising God!

Momma and Daddy.


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