Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Eleos Update

Thank you to those of you who have asked for an update on ELEOS, sorry it's been so long!

Here is a copy of what is going into the local paper this week, they are so good to do updates for us.
click picture to enlarge

We are averaging 26 meals per week. This week we have 28 = ) It's just great, really that is all I can say. I can't beleive it. We are blessed with the opportunity to do this, that's all I can say, just blessed. It's just a testimony to God's glory. If you just do it, he'll help you do it.

Here is a copy of the current menu.

click picture to enlarge

Hmmm, OK, after looking at that, it's not the current menu! I guess I didn't save the current one when I updated it... oops! Well, there's the menu before the current one. ; )

As I mentioned in THIS post, the SHARE was absolutely amazing! Here are some pictures of that:

There was so much stuff. Can you beleive this was all in my GARAGE?? Yeah, me either!

Not to mention, we couldn't set any of it up or bring it to the building until the morning of the SHARE!

And it was the Saturday after I was so sick! Can you beleive that? God is sooo good!

My little Alli, doing what Alli loves to do.
My little Emmyn doing what she does best, look stinkin' cute!

Judah working hard loading the John 3:16 truck.

 Jordan feeling useful and important.
Watching the truck drive off with all the left overs. John 3:16 in Tulsa, OK.

All I can say is this. If you feel Him tugging at your heart to do something. Just do it.

Jude 1:2: "May God give you more and more mercy, peace, and love."  -- Eleos


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